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  • Laser Spectroscopy of Ultrathin Semiconductor Reveals Rise of ‘Trion’ QuasiparticlesExternal link

    10.09.15 Insights by Oak Ridge scientists into the dynamics of these exotic-sounding particles may spur real-life applications such as improved materials for solar energy and quantum computing.

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  • SLAC Experiment Finds Key to Natural Detoxifier’s ReactivityExternal link

    10.09.15 Researchers working at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have discovered that a mere 9-trillionths-of-a-meter reduction in the length of a chemical bond dramatically boosts the reactivity of a family of molecules that helps keep humans and many other organisms healthy.

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  • Mapping the Protein UniverseExternal link

    10.09.15 A collaboration of scientists from five national laboratories – led by Argonne – are building a computer program to provide researchers with an extensive library of proteins in order to better understand how they interact; ultimately being able to pull in basic data about DNA sequences and turning them into a complete set of good predictions about proteins and their potential functions.

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