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  • Decoding Virus-Host Interactions in the Oxygen-Starved OceanExternal link

    09.16.14 In a first of its kind study, exploiting the unique strength of single-cell genomics, the DOE Joint Genome Institute and collaborators at the University of Arizona and the University of British Columbia explored virus-host dynamics to reveal that viruses appear to be much more key to marine microbial ecology below sunlit surface waters than suspected.

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  • Elusive Quantum Transformations Found Near Absolute ZeroExternal link

    09.16.14 Brookhaven Lab and Stony Brook University researchers measure the quantum fluctuations behind a novel magnetic material's ultra-cold ferromagnetic phase transition.

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  • Imaging Fuel Injectors with NeutronsExternal link

    09.15.14 A team from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory is attempting to make the first-ever neutron images of cavitation, the physical event that leads to bubble/gas formation, inside the body of a gasoline fuel injector.

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