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  • Utah State University

    Keep a Lid on It: USU Geologists Probe Geologic Carbon StorageExternal link

    An international research group studied carbon storage in a natural laboratory in southeastern Utah, examining the long-term interactions between CO2, water and rocks, to determine the characteristics of geological formations able to effectively contain carbon dioxide emissions.

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  • University at Buffalo

    Vortex Laser Offers Hope for Moore’s LawExternal link

    The optics advancement led by engineers at the University at Buffalo may solve an approaching data bottleneck by helping to boost computing power and information transfer rates tenfold.

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  • Michigan University

    Researchers ‘Solve’ Key Zika Virus Protein StructureExternal link

    Using Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source, a University of Michigan-led team has revealed the molecular structure of a protein produced by the Zika virus. This protein may be involved in the virus’s reproduction and its interaction with the host’s immune system.

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