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  • Pollution Changes Clouds' Ice Crystal GenesisExternal link

    11.30.15 Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that when miniscule particles of airborne dust, thought to be a perfect landing site for water vapor, are modified by pollution, they change cloud properties via ice crystal number concentration and ice water content.

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  • Postdoc Alesha Harris: Tackling Chemistry from Nanoparticles to NeutrinosExternal link

    11.27.15 Although Alesha Harris’ graduate work was in nanoparticles—materials just a billionth of a meter in size—she joined the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory as an postdoc to work on something she had never heard of before: invisible subatomic particles called neutrinos.

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  • Can Paris Pledges Avert Severe Climate Change?External link

    11.27.15 More than 190 countries are meeting in Paris next week to create a durable framework for addressing climate change and to implement a process to reduce greenhouse gases over time.

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