Federal Laboratory Consortium Excellence in Technology Transfer Award

1993 Awards

Department of Energy

Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University

Edward S. Yeung
For unusual devotion and effort in transferring a new laser-based method for indirect fluorescence of biological samples.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Dariush Arasteh, Stephen Selkowitz
For development and transfer to the U.S. building industry of the technology base for "superwindow," windows with better thermal performance than insulating walls.

Mark Bednarski, Matthew Callstrom
For the development of a new polymeric material which can significantly extend the active lifetime of enzymes and allow their use in harsh industrial environments.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Anthony A. Amsden, T. Daniel Butler, Peter J. O'Rourke
For the nominees' efforts in the transfer of the KIVA software, which has led to the widespread use of the technology by U.S. engine manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and Cummins Engine Company.

Albert Migliori, George Rhodes (Quatro)
For the nominees' efforts in the transfer of the resonant ultrasound inspection technology, which resulted in a license agreement between Los Alamos National Laboratory and Quatro Corporation, and in a product that is now being marketed.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

D.W. Bible, R.J. Lauf
For significant contributions to the invention, development, licensing, and commercialization of the Variable Frequency Microwave Furnace.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
J. Lambert Bates, Larry A. Chick, Gregory Exarhos, Gary D. Maupin, Larry R. Pederson
For using the CRADA mechanism to revitalize the licensee's interest in commercializing the glycine nitrate process.

Karl Castleton, James jG. Droppo, Jr., Bonnie L. Hoopes, Gene Whelan
For transferring MEPAS environmental assessment software to Mesa State College, thereby improving Mesa's curriculum, training workers for DOE, and enhancing MEPAS's marketability

Evan Jones, L. John Sealock, Jr., Wayne Wilcox
For personal effort and innovation in forming a new company through an alliance with an existing business to transfer and commercialize Waste Acid Recovery System.

Janet L. Bryant, Gregory M. Holter, Michael K. White
For their insight, initiative and persistence in trail-blazing the rapid technology transfer of ReOpt software, the first scientific approach to identifying technologies for waste cleanup.

Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center

Charles J. Drummond, James M. Ekmann, Henry W. Pennline, James T. Yeh
For leadership, creativity, and initiative in effecting the first transfer of a process patented by a DOE Energy Center to private industry.

Sandia National Laboratory (NM)

Johnny H. Biffle, Teddy D. Blacker, Randy R. Lober, Ray J. Meyers
For initiative in the transfer of technology from Sandia's Mesh Generation Consortium, which is providing U.S. industry with engineering software to reduce the time required for design iterations using advanced mesh generation algorihms and adaptive analysis techniques.

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