AMSO is a SC-line management organization that reports to the Deputy Director for Field Operations for SC (SC-3). Within SC, the SC-Headquarters (HQ) organization establishes policy and direction while the field organizations are responsible for implementing that policy and direction. The Site Offices are responsible and accountable for the management of an assigned laboratory contract, and the oversight of the operational and management performance of the assigned laboratory contractor. AMSO is assigned the DOE contract for the operation of Ames Laboratory, currently with Iowa State University (ISU). Ames Laboratory is a government-owned, contractor-operated facility with a site and facilities in Ames, Iowa. It is one of ten world-class, contractor-operated laboratories under the management of SC. Ames Laboratory is the smallest of the ten laboratories, with an annual budget of ~$45 million and a staff of ~315 fulltime equivalent employees, ~100 joint faculty, ~50 postdoctoral researchers, and ~160 graduate and undergraduate students.

The AMSO full time staff includes a Manager, a Contracting Officer, and a business support assistant. A Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) staff (in lieu of a facility representative) is shared with New Brunswick Laboratory. The office is co-located with the Integrated Support Center (ISC) Chicago Office (CH) on the Argonne National Laboratory Site. Technical, legal, budget/finance, information technology and other administrative assistance is provided by the SC ISC CH and may also come from the SC ISC Oak Ridge Office (ORO) as necessary. The following link shows the full time and numerous Matrix Support Staff from the ISC.

The Ames Site Office (AMSO) mission is to successfully manage and administer the Department of Energy (DOE) performance-based management and operating contract for the safe, secure, effective, and efficient operation of Ames Laboratory. AMSO supports the Ames Laboratory mission within the Office of Science (SC) to provide key advances in materials science research, especially in materials theory, synthesis and characterization, of benefit to DOE.

The vision of AMSO is to be trusted, responsive and highly rated by SC, while delivering top quality federal oversight and administration of the contract for the operation of Ames Laboratory. At the same time, AMSO will be considered an Office where DOE staff can find opportunities for professional growth and development.

The mission and vision statements set the current purpose and the top-level expectations for performance by AMSO manager and staff. The roles and responsibilities developed jointly with the SC provide a set of expectations for the Site Office and are described as they relate to the four key functions of the Site Office of 1) program and project implementation, 2) federal stewardship, 3) internal operations, and 4) contract management.

The office includes the following personnel:

Name Position Phone
Cynthia Baebler Site Manager (630) 252-1563
Jennifer Stricker Contracting Officer (630) 252-2408
Eric Dallman Environmental Safety & Health Lead (630) 252-3340
Kelly Lieser Management & Program Analyst (630) 252-6167
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