ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC)

FAQ Detail

  1. Does ALCC have size restrictions on processor hours requested?
    Part of the ALCC mission is to broaden the community of users capable of using leadership computing resources. ALCC therefore sets no official policy for allocation sizes. In 2014 awards ranged in size from 6 million to 350 million core hours.
  2. What are the computing resources for which ALCC allocates time?
    ALCC allocates high performance computing time on the primary HPC machines at each ASCR facility. For a description of the computing resources at ASCR facilities, please see


  3. Do I have to demonstrate scalability?

  4. Can I submit to ALCC a proposal based on an INCITE or ERCAP proposal?
    Yes, but you should not resubmit an identical proposal and need to address reviewer comments to the proposals.

  5. Does my project have to be funded by DOE to be eligible for ALCC?
    No, but your project must be funded and your funding source stated in your ALCC application.

  6. How many years can I request for allocation?
    ALCC is a one year award program.

  7. Can I submit a proposal for proprietary research?
    The proposed work cannot require the Proprietary User Agreement at the national laboratories

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