Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF)

The ALCF provides the computational science community with a world-class computing capability dedicated to breakthrough science and engineering. It began operation in 2006 and the research being conducted at the ALCF spans a diverse range of scientific areas - from studying exploding stars to designing more efficient jet engines to exploring the molecular basis of Parkinson’s disease. The ALCF teams provide expertise and assistance to support user's projects to achieve top performance of applications and to maximize benefits from the use of ALCF resources. The newest resource at the ALCF is an IBM Blue Gene/Q nicknamed Mira. Mira has 48 racks and 786,432 processors, weighing in at 104 tons. It has a theoretical peak of 10 petaflops (10 quadrillion floating point operations per second), making it 20 times faster than Intrepid, the 557 teraflop IBM Blue Gene/P system. Mira is also five times more energy efficient than Intrepid, consuming only 3.9 MW compared to Intrepid’s 1.2 MW. Other, smaller, systems at ALCF are used for tool and application porting, software testing and optimization, and systems software development.


ALCF staff
ALCF Staff
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