Accessing ASCR Supercomputers

The primary objectives of the allocation policy for the high end computing resources provided by ASCR are:

  • Provide substantial allocations to the open science community through an peer review process for a small number of high-impact scientific research projects at the Leadership Computing Facilities at Argonne National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National laboratory.
  • To provide programmatic allocations at the National Energy Research Supercomputing Center (NERSC) for SC mission critical projects.
  • And to provide computing resources for high-risk, high-payoff simulations in areas directly related to the Department’s energy mission, for national emergencies, or for broadening the community of researchers capable of using leadership computing resources.
Programs available that supply time on ASCR systems:

INCITE - Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment

ALCC - ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge

ERCAPExternal link- Energy Research Computing Allocations Process

Center Reserves - Up to 10% of the computational resources at NERSC and the Leadership Computing Facilities are available for allocation by the Directors of those facilities.

Allocation Resources
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