Manager's Office

Name Position Phone
Dr. Joanna M. Livengood Manager (630) 252-2366
Jeffrey Roberts Deputy Manager (630) 252-2228
Debra Terry Secretary (630) 252-2274

Nuclear Safety Oversight

  • The Argonne National Laboratory operates four Hazard Category 2 nuclear facilities and three Hazard Category 3 nuclear facilities. Several years ago, Argonne and DOE established the Nuclear Footprint Reduction and Demolition Program (NFRDP) to update noncompliant nuclear safety documentation and to execute the timely disposition of excess materials for the de-inventory and decommission these facilities. DOE and Argonne needed such efforts to assure laboratory compliance with 10CFR830 Subpart B and to support facility transfer to EM for demolition. Establishment of this program and continued need for coordination with SC’s Nuclear Approving Authority (DDFO), UChicago/Argonne, and the ISC requires continued concentrated and prolonged ASO management attention. Currently the ASO Manager and the ES&H Division Director positions require Senior Technical Safety Manager (STSM) qualifications. These individuals initiated the STSM qualification process and expect certification in FY2011-12. Having a qualified STSM is a DDFO prerequisite for the DDFO to delegate nuclear approval authority back to ASO.
  • NFRDP requirements for approving safety basis documentation, compliant with 10CFR830 Part B will continue to require significant resources throughout FY2011. These resources include both those internal to ASO, as well as those gained through the ISC and its support contractors. In addition, ASO assigned one of its nuclear facility representatives to serve full-time on several of the Safety Basis Review Teams to advance the review and approval of the laboratories documentation and an NFRDP team leader from IPPD. This latter role is significant in terms of time and effort.

ES&H/Project & Program Management

  • ASO and Argonne continue to address a legacy of ES&H program deficiencies identified through a number of Departmental reviews and inspections. ASO’s new management team is reinvigorating the path forward during FY2010, but the topic will require significant management attention during FY2011.
  • ARRA work scope continues to require more oversight and reporting, involving staff from all ASO Divisions.

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009

  • The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 continues to call on the Department to execute an unprecedented level of funding at an accelerated rate while demanding ultimate transparency and accountability. Program execution, oversight, financial accounting, and performance reporting for stimulus funds required ASO to provide expanded functions in a time of restricted and declining Program Direction budgets. ARRA related activities continue today and into FY2011.

Environmental Management

  • ASO executes its responsibility for contract administration and oversight utilizing business and technical staff funded by multiple programs, most notably SC and the Office of Environmental management (EM). As an SC line management organization and in accordance with the March 2009 memo from the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management to the Deputy Director of Science, ASO uses current SC processes and procedures as the governing framework to execute roles and responsibilities for our EM funded ARRA projects. ASO assigned Program Office point of contacts (POCs) and ASO FPDs to individual projects. Members of the SC ISC and EM Consolidated Business Center (CBC) provide periodic support to ASO.

Environment, Safety and Health Division

The Environment, Safety and Health Division (ESHD) consists of Facility Representatives (FRs) and ESH subject matter experts. Oversight performed by ESHD provides ASO management with accurate objective information on the effectiveness of Argonne work performance and practice. The oversight program focuses resources on selected assessments, operational awareness activities, performance measure monitoring and improvement, and monitoring Argonne systems and programs. ESHD role involves routine presence in Argonne facilities, review of CAS, and participation in operational awareness activities to ensure the application of ISM core functions to all work. ASO ESHD has subject matter experts in various major disciplines related to ESH: environment, emergency management, health physics, industrial hygiene, nuclear safety, and occupational safety. ESHD Subjects/Programs Points of Contact List.pdf file (80KB)

Name Position Phone
Rock E. Aker Director, Environment, Safety & Health (630) 252-5663
John W. Houck Facility Representative (630) 252-2850
Peter J. Washburn Facility Representative (630) 252-2375
Craig A. Schumann Facility Representative (630) 252-9176
Eric M. Turnquest Facility Representative (630) 252-9812
James M. Piatek Facility Representative (630) 252-2323
Noreen M. Brachmann Senior Health Physicist (630) 252-2102
Kaushik N. Joshi Environmental Engineer (630) 252-4226
Katrina L. Burnett Emergency Mgmt Coordinator, Safety & Occupational Health Specialist (630) 252-2736

Business Management Division

ASO’s Business Management Division (BMD) communicates and enforces contract requirements, authorizes work, reviews and approves contract performance and deliverables, and provides Contracting Officer direction and guidance to the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). The BMD approves and oversees business operations and administrative systems such as budget, financial management, accounting, internal and external audits, procurement management, property management (intellectual, real and personal), contractor human resources, industrial and labor relations, legal, public affairs and community relations, programs, and any other related requirements applicable to the ANL contract. This Division also focuses on Research & Development program implementation, monitoring, and Work for Other (WFO) support provided by Argonne to other federal and non-federal sponsors. BMD Subjects/Programs Points of Contact List.pdf file (73KB)

Name Position Phone
Sergio Martinez Division Director/Supervisor (630) 252-2075
Pam Miller Laboratory Support Assistant (630) 252-2982
Fausto Fernandez Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer (630) 252-2127
Jackie Brocker Contract Specialist (630) 252-2193
Sean Seamon Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer (630) 252-2077
John Kasprowicz Program Management Specialist (630) 252-2621
Bart Malewski Financial Management Analyst (630) 252-2130

Infrastructure, Programs and Projects Division

The ASO Infrastructure, Programs and Projects Division (IPPD) is responsible for providing federal project managers for managing facility functions outlined in DOE Order 430.1B Change 2, Real Property Asset Management. As such, IPPD is responsible for the construction of new facilities at ANL, upgrades of existing facilities, maintaining/improving the integrity of the general-purpose infrastructure (site and facilities), utilities, and real estate. Argonne facilities include 4.2M square feet of floor space in over 100 buildings, valued at ~ $2B. Project management activities include projects as large as the $800M Advanced Photon Source Project or as operating funded maintenance projects valued at several thousand dollars. Typically, about 50 small projects are under construction at any one time. In addition, IPPD executes ASO's mission responsibilities for legacy waste shipments and decontamination/ decommissioning of existing facilities. DOE's Office of Environmental Management (EM) provided Argonne with ARRA funds of nearly $80M in FY2009 to advance legacy waste disposal and to demolish two legacy facilities (Buildings 310 and 330). ASO anticipates completing these projects by the end of FY2011. IPPD Subjects/Programs Points of Contact List.pdf file (72KB)

Name Position Phone
Daniel R. Misch Physical Scientist/Engineer (630) 252-2176
Jurgis "George" Paliulionis General Engineer, Energy Manager (630) 252-2724
Frank Gines General Engineer, ALCF Program Manager (630) 252-4182
Dale J. Dietzel General Engineer, Infrastructure Mgmt. (630) 252-2555
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