Current Open Federal Positions

The Office of Basic Energy Sciences is located in Germantown, Maryland. All open federal positions listed below are posted on USAJobs.govExternal link. (Basic Energy Sciences Organization Chart.pdf file (46KB))

Position Details Job Number Opened Closes
Title: Geologist 15 DE SC HQ 015
Series / Grade: GS-1350-15
Location: Germantown, MD
15-DE-SC-HQ-015External link 02/09/15 03/02/15
Title: Interdisciplinary General Engineer/Physical Scientist
15 DE SC HQ 011
Series / Grade: GS-0801-15/GS-1301-15
Location: Germantown, MD
15-DE-SC-HQ-011External link 02/09/15 03/02/15

Important note:
Please read job opportunity announcements carefully to identify the specific documentation requirements listed in individual announcements. All required documentation must be submitted by the announcement closing date. When transcripts are required, you may submit unofficial copies in order to meet the announcement closing date; however, if you are selected for employment, an official version will be required prior to appointment.

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