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BES Committee of Visitors reports can be accessed via the left-hand menu.
pdf.pdf file (349KB) Charge related to the prioritization of upgrades of existing user facilities and major construction projects for new user facilities pdf.pdf file (1.8MB)
pdf.pdf file (389KB) Charge for Strategic Planning for BES Research pdf.pdf file (19.4MB)
pdf.pdf file (236KB) Assessment of Workforce Development needs in SC Research Disciplines  pdf.pdf file (336KB) 
pdf.pdf file (490KB) 2013 Light Source Charge to BESAC pdf.pdf file (832KB)
pdf.pdf file (790KB) 2012 Charge to BESAC - Facility Prioritization pdf.pdf file (850KB)
pdf.pdf file (393KB) 2011 Charge to BESAC pdf.pdf file (4.4MB)
pdf.pdf file (1.3MB) COMPETES charge to all SC advisory comittees pdf.pdf file (1.6MB)
pdf.pdf file (514KB) Companion Study on Grand Challenges for Applied Issues of Energy Science
Next Generation Photon Sources for Grand Challenges in Science and Energy pdf.pdf file (9.4MB)
pdf.pdf file (87KB) Subcommittee on Facing our Energy Challenges in a New Era of Science pdf.pdf file (561KB)
pdf.pdf file (3.6MB) Grand Challenges for Basic Energy Sciences pdf.pdf file (28.9MB)
pdf.pdf file (237KB) Subcommittee on Theory and Computation
– Letter Report from Subcommittee to BESAC Chair pdf.pdf file (102KB)
pdf.pdf file (1.9MB)
pdf.pdf file (60KB) 20-Year BES Facilities Roadmap
– Letter Report from Chair to Orbach pdf.pdf file (833KB)
pdf.pdf file (1.3MB)
pdf.pdf file (60KB) Assessment of short-pulse, short-wavelength, high-intensity light sources. This was covered in the Feb 22-24 20-Year BES Facilities Roadmap Exercise. pdf.pdf file (1.3MB)
pdf.pdf file (14KB)

Basic Research Needs to Assure a Secure Energy Future

**Full Report w/ Bookmarks.pdf file (13.0MB)

**Executive Summary and Introduction.pdf file (205KB) (24 pgs)

**Report Details and Background
Appendix A.pdf file (483KB) - Proposed Research Directions
Appendix B.pdf file (1.5MB) - Factual Document
Appendix C.pdf file (48KB) - Organizational Details
Appendix D.pdf file (7.7MB) - Introduction Presentations
Appendix E.pdf file (3.0MB) - Summary Presentations
Appendix F.pdf file (13KB) - List of Abbreviations

Full.pdf file (13.0MB)
ES.pdf file (205KB)

A.pdf file (483KB)
B.pdf file (1.5MB)
C.pdf file (48KB)
D.pdf file (7.7MB)
E.pdf file (3.0MB)
F.pdf file (13KB)

pdf.pdf file (14KB) Workshop on Catalysis Presentations pdf.pdf file (884KB)
pdf.pdf file (14KB) Theory and Modeling in Nanoscience —
This workshop was a joint effort by the Offices of Basic Energy Sciences and Advanced Scientific Computing Research.
PresentationsExternal link
pdf.pdf file (2.2MB)
ppt.ppt file (153KB) SC Performance Measurement pdf.pdf file (230KB)
pdf.pdf file (14KB) Biomolecular Materials pdf.pdf file (8.9MB)
pdf.pdf file (10KB) BESAC Review of the BES-Operated Spallation Neutron Sources - IPNS at ANL and the Lujan Center at LANL pdf.pdf file (902KB)
pdf.pdf file (6KB) BESAC Review of the Advanced Light Source pdf.pdf file (76KB)
pdf.pdf file (6KB) Neutron Scattering-considering the HFBR Shutdown pdf.pdf file (69KB)
pdf.pdf file (6KB) BESAC Review of the Electron Beam Characterization Centers
pdf.pdf file (14.3MB)
pdf.pdf file (9KB) BESAC Review of the Novel, Coherent Light Sources pdf.pdf file (145KB)
pdf.pdf file (9KB) BESAC Review of the High Flux Isotope Reactor pdf.pdf file (111KB)
Synchrotron Radiation Sources and Science pdf.pdf file (6.7MB)

There were no formal charges to BESAC in 2000. Final reports in 2000 include:

1999 Charges

Neutron Scattering - considering the HFBR Shutdown (11/17/99)

Review of BES-Operated Spallation Sources (IPNS & MLNSC) (9/7/99)

Program of Study for Complex Systems (9/7/99)

Advanced Light Source (8/10/99)

Committee of Visitors (8/10/99)

1998 Charges

Review of Electron Beam Microcharacterization Centers (10/22/98)

Review of Novel, Coherent Light Sources (2/24/98)

Review of High Flux Isotope Reactor (2/24/98)

1997 Charges

High Flux Beam Reactor (11/97)

Synchrotron Radiation Sources and Science (Spring 97)

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