Peer-reviewed publications of research supported in part or in whole under an EFRC are listed below. Publications are ordered first by year, then alphabetically by EFRC acronym, and finally alphabetically by first author. Links to the DOI and associated EFRC appear at the end of each citation. The publication list is updated periodically; the last such update was May 21, 2014.

2801.Park, Yong Bum; and Cosgrove, Daniel  A Revised Architecture of Primary Cell Walls Based on Biomechanical Changes Induced by Substrate-Specific Endoglucanases  Plant Physiol., 158, 1933-1943 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1104/pp.111.192880External link] [CLSF]
2802.Park, Yong Bum; and Cosgrove, Daniel  Changes in Cell Wall Biomechanical Properties in the Xyloglucan-Deficient xxt1/xxt2Mutant of Arabidopsis  Plant Physiol., 158, 465-475 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1104/pp.111.189779External link] [CLSF]
2803.Roberts, Alison W.; Roberts, Eric M.; and Haigler, Candace H.  Moss cell walls: structure and biosynthesis  Front. Plant Sci., 3 (166), (2012).  [DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2012.00166External link] [CLSF]
2804.Wallace, Ian S.; and Anderson, Charles T.  Small molecule probes for plant cell wall polysaccharide imaging  Front. Plant Sci., 3 (89), 1-8 (2012).  [DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2012.00089External link] [CLSF]
2805.Watts, Heath D; Archibald, Douglas D.; Mohamed, Mohamed Naseer Ali; and Kubicki, James D  In search of OH–p interactions between 1-methylimidazole and water using a combined computational quantum chemistry and ATR-FTIR spectroscopy approach  J. Mol. Struct., 1026, 78-87 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.molstruc.2012.05.028External link] [CLSF]
2806.Yi, Hojae; and Puri, Virendra M.  Architecture-based multiscale computational modeling of plant cell wall mechanics to examine the hydrogen-bonding hypothesis of cell wall network structure model   Plant Physiol., 160, 1281-1292 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1104/pp.112.201228External link] [CLSF]
2807.Carver, Colin T; Matson, Benjamin D; and Mayer, James M  Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction by Iron Tetra-arylporphyrins Bearing Pendant Proton Relays  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, 5444-5447 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja211987fExternal link] [CME]
2808.Fernandez, Laura E; Horvath, Samantha; and Hammes-Schiffer, Sharon  Theoretical Analysis of the Sequential Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Mechanisms for H2 Oxidation and Production Pathways Catalyzed by Nickel Molecular Electrocatalysts  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116, 3171-3180 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/jp210690qExternal link] [CME]
2809.Gladysz, John A; Ball, Zachary T; Bertrand, Guy; Blum, Suzanne A; Dong, Vy M; Dorta, Reto; Hahn, F Ekkehardt; Humphrey, Mark G; Jones, William D; Klosin, Jerzy; Manners, Ian; Marks, Tobin J; Mayer, James M; Rieger, Bernhard; Ritter, Joachim C; Sattelberger, Alfred P; Schomaker, Jennifer M; and Yam, Vivian Wing-Wah  Organometallics Roundtable 2011  Organometallics, 31, 1-18 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/om201234xExternal link] [CME]
2810.Horvath, Samantha; Fernandez, Laura E; Soudackov, Alexander V; and Hammes-Schiffer, Sharon  Insights into proton-coupled electron transfer mechanisms of electrocatalytic H2 oxidation and production.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109, 15663-15668 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1118333109External link] [CME]
2811.Jain, Avijita; Buchko, Garry W; Reback, Matthew L; O'Hagan, Molly J.; Ginovska-Pangovska, Bojana; Linehan, John C; and Shaw, Wendy J.  Active Hydrogenation Catalyst with a Structured, Peptide-Based Outer-Coordination Sphere  ACS Catalysis, 2, 2114-2118 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/cs3004177External link] [CME]
2812.Jain, Avijita; Reback, Matthew L; Lindstrom, Mary Lou; Thogerson, Colleen E; Helm, Monte L.; Appel, Aaron M.; and Shaw, Wendy J.  Investigating the Role of the Outer-Coordination Sphere in [Ni(PPh2NPh-R2)2]2+ Hydrogenase Mimics  Inorganic Chemistry, 51, 6592-6602 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/ic300149xExternal link] [CME]
2813.Lense, Sheri; Ho, Ming-Hsun; Chen, Shentan; Jain, Avijita; Raugei, Simone; Linehan, John C; Roberts, John A S; Appel, Aaron M.; and Shaw, Wendy J.  Incorporating Amino Acid Esters into Catalysts for Hydrogen Oxidation: Steric and Electronic Effects and the Role of Water as a Base  Organometallics, 31, 6719-6731 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/oDO00409yExternal link] [CME]
2814.Liu, Tianbiao; Chen, Shentan; O'Hagan, Molly J.; Rakowski DuBois, Mary; Bullock, R. Morris; and DuBois, Daniel L.  Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity of Fe Complexes Containing Cyclic Diazadiphosphine Ligands: the Role of the Pendant Base in Heterolytic Cleavage of H2.  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, 6257-6272 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja211193jExternal link] [CME]
2815.Matson, Benjamin D; Carver, Colin T; Von Ruden, Amber; Yang, Jenny Y; Raugei, Simone; and Mayer, James M  Distant protonated pyridine groups in water-soluble iron porphyrin electrocatalysts promote selective oxygen reduction to water  Chemical Communications, 48, 11100-11102 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1039/c2cc35576kExternal link] [CME]
2816.O'Hagan, Molly J.; Ho, Ming-Hsun; Yang, Jenny Y; Appel, Aaron M.; Rakowski DuBois, Mary; Raugei, Simone; Shaw, Wendy J.; DuBois, Daniel L.; and Bullock, R. Morris  Proton Delivery and Removal in [Ni(PR2NR'2)2]2+ Hydrogen Production and Oxidation Catalysts  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, 19409-19424 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja307413xExternal link] [CME]
2817.Pool, Douglas H; Stewart, Michael P; O'Hagan, Molly J.; Shaw, Wendy J.; Roberts, John A S; Bullock, R. Morris; and DuBois, Daniel L.  Acidic ionic liquid/water solution as both medium and proton source for electrocatalytic H2 evolution by [Ni(P2N2)2]2+ complexes.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109, 15634-15639 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1120208109External link] [CME]
2818.Raugei, Simone; Chen, Shentan; Ho, Ming-Hsun; Ginovska-Pangovska, Bojana; Rousseau, Roger J; Dupuis, Michel; DuBois, Daniel L.; and Bullock, R. Morris  The Role of Pendant Amines in the Breaking and Forming of Molecular Hydrogen Catalyzed by Nickel Complexes  Chemistry: A European Journal, 18, 6493-6506 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1002/chem.201103346External link] [CME]
2819.Reback, Matthew L; Ginovska-Pangovska, Bojana; Ho, Ming-Hsun; Jain, Avijita; Squier, Thomas C; Raugei, Simone; Roberts, John A S; and Shaw, Wendy J.  The Role of a Dipeptide Outer-Coordination Sphere on H2-Production Catalysts: Influence on Catalytic Rates and Electron Transfer  Chemistry: A European Journal, 19, 1928-1941 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1002/chem.201202849External link] [CME]
2820.Smieja, Jonathan M; Benson, Eric E; Kumar, Bhupendra; Grice, Kyle A; Seu, Candace S; Miller, Alexander J M; Mayer, James M; and Kubiak, Clifford P  Kinetic and structural studies, origins of selectivity, and interfacial charge transfer in the artificial photosynthesis of CO  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109, 15646-15650 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1119863109External link] [CME]
2821.Smith, Stuart E; Yang, Jenny Y; DuBois, Daniel L.; and Bullock, R. Morris  Reversible electrocatalytic production and oxidation of hydrogen at low overpotentials by a functional hydrogenase mimic.  Angewandte Chemie (International Edition), 51, 3152-3155 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1002/anie.201108461External link] [CME]
2822.Tronic, Tristan A; Kaminsky, Werner; Coggins, Michael K; and Mayer, James M  Synthesis, Protonation, and Reduction of Ruthenium–Peroxo Complexes with Pendent Nitrogen Bases  Inorganic Chemistry, 51, 10916-10928 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/ic3013987External link] [CME]
2823.Waidmann, Christopher R; Miller, Alexander J M; Ng, Cheuk-Wa Angela; Scheuermann, Margaret L; Porter, Thomas R; Tronic, Tristan A; and Mayer, James M  Using combinations of oxidants and bases as PCET reactants: thermochemical and practical considerations  Energy & Environmental Science, 5, 7771-7780 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1039/C2EE03300CExternal link] [CME]
2824.Weiss, Charles J; Groves, Amy N; Mock, Michael T; Dougherty, William G; Kassel, W Scott; Helm, Monte L.; DuBois, Daniel L.; and Bullock, R. Morris  Synthesis and reactivity of molybdenum and tungsten bis(dinitrogen) complexes supported by diphosphine chelates containing pendant amines  Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003), 41, 4517-4529 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1039/c2dt12224cExternal link] [CME]
2825.Wiedner, Eric S; Yang, Jenny Y; Chen, Shentan; Raugei, Simone; Dougherty, William G; Kassel, W Scott; Helm, Monte L.; Bullock, R. Morris; Rakowski DuBois, Mary; and DuBois, Daniel L.  Stabilization of Nickel Complexes with Ni0···H–N Bonding Interactions Using Sterically Demanding Cyclic Diphosphine Ligands  Organometallics, 31, 144-156 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/om200709zExternal link] [CME]
2826.Wiese, Stefan; Kilgore, Uriah J; DuBois, Daniel L.; and Bullock, R. Morris  [Ni(PMe2NPh2)2](BF4)2 as an Electrocatalyst for H2 Production  ACS Catalysis, 2, 720-727 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/cs300019hExternal link] [CME]
2827.AshKenazy, Y.; Vo, N.; Schwen, D.; Averback, R. S.; and Bellon, P.  Shear induced chemical mixing in heterogeneous systems  Acta Materialia, 60, 984-993 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2828.Bai, X. M.; Vernon, L J; Hoagland, R. G.; Voter, A. F.; Nastasi, Michael; and Uberuaga, B. P.  The role of atomic structure on grain boundary-defect interactions in Cu  Phys. Rev. B, 85, 214103 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.85.214103External link] [CMIME]
2829.Bai, X. M.; and Uberuaga, B. P.  Multi-Time Scale Investigation of Radiation Damage near TiO2 Rutile Grain Boundaries  Philos. Mag., 92, 1469 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2830.Beyerlein, I J; Mara, N A; Wang, J.; Carpenter, J S; Zheng, S J; Han, W Z; Zhang, R F; Kang, K.; Nizolek, T; and Pollock, T M  Structure-Property-Functionality of Bimetal Interfaces  JOM, 64, 1192-1207 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2831.Bhattacharyya, D; Demkowicz, M J; Wang, Y. -Q.; Nastasi, Michael; and Misra, A  A transmission electron microscopy study of the effect of interfaces on bubble formation in He-implanted nano-scale Cu-Nb multilayers  Microscopy and Microanalysis, 18, 152-161 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2832.Bringa, E M; Monk, J D; Caro, Jose Alfredo; Misra, A; Zepeda-Ruiz, L; Duchaineau, M; Abraham, F; Nastasi, Michael; Picraux, S T; Wang, Y. -Q.; and Farkas, D  Are nanoporous materials radiation resistant?  Nano Lett., 12, 3351-55 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2833.Carpenter, J S; Liu, X; Darbal, A; Vogel, S. C.; LeDonne, J. E.; Nuhfer, N. T.; Rollett, A. D.; Barmack, K.; Beyerlein, I J; and Mara, N A  A comparison of texture results obtained using neutron and ASTAR methods at diminishing length scales in ordered metallic nanolamellar composites  Scripta Materialia, 67, 336-339 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2834.Cerreta, Ellen K.; Escobedo, J. P.; Perez-Bergquist, A.; Koller, D. D.; Trujillo, Carl P.; Gray III, G. T.; Brandl, C.; and Germann, T. C.  Early Stage Dynamic Damage and the Role of Grain Boundary Type  Scripta Materialia, 66, 638-41 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2835.Correa, A. A.; Kohanoff, J.; Artacho, E.; Portal, D. S.; and Caro, J. A.  Nonadiabatic Forces in Ion-solid Interactions: The Initial Stages of Radiation Damage  Physical Review Letters, 108, 213201 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2836.Demkowicz, M J; Misra, AMit; and Caro, Jose Alfredo  The role of interface structure in controlling high helium concentrations  Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, 16, 101-108 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2837.Fensin, S J; Valone, S M; Cerreta, E K; and Gray III, G. T.  Influence of Grain Boundary Properties on Spall Strength: Grain Boundary Energy and Excess Volume  Journal of Applied Physics, 112, 083529 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2838.Fu, E G; Caro, M; Zepeda-Ruiz, L; Wang, Y. -Q.; Baldwin, J K; Bringa, E M; Nastasi, Michael; and Caro, Jose Alfredo  Surface effects on the radiation response of nanoporous Au foams  Applied Physics Letters, 101, 191607 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2839.Fu, E G; Wang, Y. -Q.; Zou, G F; Xiong, J; Zhuo, M J; Wei, Q; Baldwin, J K; Jia, Q X; Misra, A; and Nastasi, Michael  Irradiation induced changes in small angle grain boundaries in mosaic Cu thin films  Appl. Phys. A, 108, 121-6 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2840.Han, W Z; Demkowicz, M J; Fu, E G; Wang, Y. -Q.; and Misra, A  Effect of grain boundary characters on sink efficiency  Acta Materialia, 60, 6341-51 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2012.08.009External link] [CMIME]
2841.Han, W Z; Carpenter, J S; Wang, J.; Beyerlein, I J; and Mara, N A  Atomic-level study of twin nucleation from fcc/bcc interfaces in nanolamellar composites,  Appl. Phys. Lett., 100, 011911 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2842.Hetherly, J; Martinez, E; Di, Z F; Nastasi, Michael; and Caro, Jose Alfredo  Mechanism of helium bubble precipitation in fcc twist boundaries  Scripta Materialia, 66, 17-20 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2843.Kang, K.; Wang, J.; Zheng, S J; and Beyerlein, I J  Minimum energy structures of faceted, incoherent interfaces  Journal of Applied Physics, 112, 073501 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2844.Kang, K.; Wang, J.; and Beyerlein, I J  Atomic structure variations of mechanically stable interfaces  Journal of Applied Physics, 111, 053531 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2845.Karakuscu, A; Cologna, M; Yarotski, D; Won, J; Raj, R; and Uberuaga, B. P.  Defect structure of flash sintered Strontium Titanate  Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 95, 2531-36 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
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2847.Lee, S. B.; LeDonne, J. E.; Lim, S. C.V.; Beyerlein, I J; and Rollett, A. D.  The five-parameter Heterophase Interface Character Distribution (HICD) of physical vapor-deposited and accumulative roll-bonded Cu-Nb multilayer composites  Acta Materialia, 60, 1747-61 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2848.Li, Nan; Misra, A; and Nastasi, Michael  Defect structures and hardening mechanisms in high dose helium ion implanted Cu and Cu/Nb multilayer thin films  International Journal of Plasticity, 32-33, 1-16 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2849.Liu, X. -Y.; Hoagland, R. G.; Demkowicz, M J; Nastasi, Michael; and Misra, A  The Influence of Lattice Mismatch on the Atomic Structures and Defect Energetics of fcc-bcc Interfaces  Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, 134, 021012 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2850.Liu, X. -Y.; Uberuaga, B. P.; Demkowicz, M J; Germann, T. C.; Misra, A; and Nastasi, Michael  Mechanism for recombination of radiation-induced point defects at interphase boundaries  Phys. Rev. B, 85, 012103 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2851.Mara, N A; Beyerlein, I J; Carpenter, J S; and Wang, J.  Interfacially driven deformation twinning in bulk Cu-Ag composites  JOM, 64, 1218-26 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2852.Martinez, E; Senninger, O.; Fu, C -C.; and Soisson, F.  Decomposition kinetics of Fe-Cr solid solutions during thermal ageing  Phys. Rev. B, 86, 224109 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2853.Martinez, E; and Caro, Jose Alfredo  Atomistic modeling of long-term evolution of twist boundaries under vacancy supersaturation  Phys. Rev. B, 86, 214109 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2854.Martinez, E; Hirth, John P.; Nastasi, Michael; and Caro, Jose Alfredo  Structure of a 2-degree (010) FCC Twist Boundary Interface in Cu and the Segregation of Vacancies and Helium Atoms  Phys. Rev. B, 85, 060101 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2855.Perez-Bergquist, A.; Cerreta, Ellen K.; Trujillo, Carl P.; Gray III, G. T.; Brandl, C.; and Germann, T. C.  TEM Study of the Role of Interface Structure at 100/111 Boundaries in a Shocked Cu Multicrystal  Scripta Materialia, 67, 412-415 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2856.Pouryazdan, M.; Schwen, D.; Wang, D.; Scherer, T.; Hahn, H.; Averback, R. S.; and Bellon, P.  Forced chemical mixing of immiscible Ag-Cu heterointerfaces using high pressure torsion  Phys Rev. B, 86, 144302 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2857.Uberuaga, B. P.; Choudhury, S.; Benedek, N. A.; and Bai, X. M.  Grain boundary stoichiometry and interactions with defects in SrTiO3  Scripta Materialia, 66, 105-108 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2858.Vo, N.; Averback, R. S.; AshKenazy, Y.; Bellon, P.; and Wang, J.  Forced chemical mixing at Cu/Nb Interfaces during severe plastic deformation  J. Mater. Res., 27, 1621-30 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
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2860.Yarotski, D; Fu, E G; Yan, L; Wong, Y; Taylor, A J; and Uberuaga, B. P.  Characterization of irradiation damage distribution near TiO2/SrTiO3 interfaces using coherent acoustic phonon interferometry  Applied Physics Letters, 100, 251603 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2861.Zhang, X.; Fu, E G; Li, N; Misra, A; Wang, Y Q; Shao, L; and Wang, H  Design of Radiation Tolerant Nanostructured Metallic Multilayers  Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, 134, 041010 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2862.Zhang, R. F. ; Wang, J.; Beyerlein, I J; Misra, A; and Germann, T. C.  Atomic-scale study of nucleation of dislocations from fcc/bcc interfaces  Acta Materialia, 60, 2855-65 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2863.Zheng, S.; Beyerlein, I J; Wang, J.; Carpenter, J S; Han, W Z; and Mara, N A  Deformation twinning mechanisms from bi-metal interfaces as revealed by in-situ straining in the TEM  Acta Materialia, 60, 5858-66 (2012).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
2864.Zhuo, M J; Yan, L; Fu, E G; Wang, Y. -Q.; Uberuaga, B. P.; Xiong, J; Misra, A; Nastasi, Michael; and Jia, Q X  Radiation damage at the coherent anatase TiO2/SrTiO3 interface under Ne ion irradiation  J. Nucl. Mater., 429, 177-184 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.jnucmat.2012.05.027External link] [CMIME]
2865.Bai, Xian-Ming; Vernon, L J; Hoagland, Richard G; Voter, A. F.; Nastasi, Michael; and Uberuaga, B. P.  The role of atomic structure on grain boundary-defect interactions in Cu  Physical Review B, 85, 214103 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.85.214103External link] [CMSNF]
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2879.Benck, J. D.; Chen, Z. B.; Kuritzky, L. Y.; Forman, A. J.; and Jaramillo, T. F.  Amorphous Molybdenum Sulfide Catalysts for Electrochemical Hydrogen Production: Insights into the Origin of their Catalytic Activity  Acs Catalysis, 2, 1916-1923 (2012).  [DOI: 10.1021/cs300451qExternal link] [CNEEC]
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