Peer-reviewed publications of research supported in part or in whole under an EFRC are listed below. Publications are ordered first by year, then alphabetically by EFRC acronym, and finally alphabetically by first author. Links to the DOI and associated EFRC appear at the end of each citation. The publication list is updated periodically; the last such update was June 30, 2015.

3101.Wang, Hsin-Wei; Pentzer, Emily; Emrick, Todd; and Russell, Thomas P.  Preparation of Low Band Gap Fibrillar Structures by Solvent-Induced Crystallization  ACS Macro Letters, 3, 30-34 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/mz400431sExternal link] [PHaSE]
3102.Wang, Hongyu; Liu, Feng; Bu, Laju; Gao, Jun; Wang, Cheng; Wei, Wei; and Russell, Thomas P.  The Role of Additive in Diketopyrrolopyrrole-based Small Molecular Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells  Adv. Mater., 25, 6519–6525 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1002/adma.201302848External link] [PHaSE]
3103.Zainalabdeen, Nada Y. ; Fitzpatrick, Brian; Kareem, Mohanad Mousa; Nandwana, Vikas; Cooke, Graeme; and Rotello, Vincent M.  Synthesis and Characterization of Naphthalenediimide-Functionalized Flavin Derivatives  International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2013, 7468-7479 (2013).  [DOI: 10.3390/ijms14047468External link] [PHaSE]
3104.Zhang, Maojie; Gu, Yu; Guo, Xia; Liu, Feng; Zhang, Shaoqing; Huo, Lijun; Russell, Thomas P. ; and Hou, Jianhui  Efficient Polymer Solar Cells Based on Benzothiadiazole and Alkylphenyl Substituted Benzodithiophene with a Power Conversion Efficiency over 8%  Advanced Materials, 25, 4944-4949 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1002/adma.201301494External link] [PHaSE]
3105.Zhang, N.; Colella, N.; Liu, F.; Trahan, S.; Baral, J.; Winter, H. H.; Mansfield, S. C. B.; and Briseno, Alejandro L.  Synthesis, Electronic Structure, Morphology, and Carrier Mobilities of Pure Oligo(alkylthiophenes)  J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 844–854 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja3104796External link] [PHaSE]
3106.Ahn, Kyunghan; Biswas, Kanishka; He, Jiaqing; Chung, In; Dravid, Vinayak; and Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.  Enhanced thermoelectric properties of p-type nanostructured PbTe–MTe (M = Cd, Hg) materials   Energy and Environmental Science, 6, 1529-1537 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1039/C3EE40482JExternal link] [RMSSEC]
3107.Chen, Jikun; Zhou, Xiaoyuan; Uher, Ctirad; Shi, Xun; Jun, Jin; Dong, Hongliang; Li, Yulong; Zhou, Yanfei; Wen, Zhaoyin; and Chen, Lidong  Structural modifications and non-monotonic carrier concentration in Bi2Se0.3Te2.7 by reversible electrochemical lithium reactions  Acta Materialia, 61, 1508-1517 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2012.11.028External link] [RMSSEC]
3108.Fan, X; Case, Eldon D; Lu, Xu; and Morelli, Donald T  Room temperature mechanical properties of natural-mineral-based thermoelectrics  Journal of Material Science, 48, 7540-7550 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1007/s10853-013-7569-1External link] [RMSSEC]
3109.Gelbstein, Y; Davidow, J; Girard, Steven; Chung, D.Y.; and Kanatzidis, M. G.   Controlling Metallurgical Phase Separation Reactions of the Ge0.87Pb0.13Te Alloy for High Thermoelectric Performance  Advanced Energy Materials, 3, 815 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201200970External link] [RMSSEC]
3110.Girard, Steven; Schmidt-Rohr, K; Chasapis, T C; Hatzikraniotis, Euripides; Njegic, B; Levin, E M; Rawal, A; Paraskevopoulos, Konstantinos M; and Kanatzidis, M. G.  Analysis of Phase Separation in High Performance PbTePbS Thermoelectric Materials  Advanced Functional Materials, 23, 747-757 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201201944External link] [RMSSEC]
3111.He, Jiaqing; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.; and Dravid, Vinayak  High performance bulk thermoelectrics via a panoscopic approach  Materials Today, 16, 166-176 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2013.05.004External link] [RMSSEC]
3112.He, Jiaqing; Zhao, L D; Zheng, Jin-Cheng; Doak, J W; Wu, H J; Wang, H Q; Lee, Yeseul; Wolverton, Christopher; Kanatzidis, M. G.; and Dravid, Vinayak  Role of Sodium Doping in Lead Chalcogenide thermoelectrics  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 4624-4627 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja312562dExternal link] [RMSSEC]
3113.Heremans, Joseph p; Dresselhaus, M S; Bell, Lon E; and Morelli, Donald T  When Thermoelectrics Reached the Nanoscale  Nature Nanotechnology, 8, 471 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1038/nnano.2013.129External link] [RMSSEC]
3114.Jaworski, Christopher M; Nielsen, Michele D; Wang, H; Girard, Steven; Kai, W; Porter, Wallace D; Kanatzidis, M. G.; and Heremans, Joseph p  Valence-band structure of highly efficient p-type thermoelectric PbTe-PbS alloys  Physical Review B, 87, 045203 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.87.045203External link] [RMSSEC]
3115.Lee, Yeseul; Lo, S H; Androulakis, John; Wu, Chun-I; Zhao, L D; Chung, D.Y.; Hogan, Timothy P; Dravid, Vinayak; and Kanatzidis, M. G.  High-Performance Tellurium-Free Thermoelectrics: All-Scale  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 5152-5160 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja400069sExternal link] [RMSSEC]
3116.Levin, E M; Heremans, Joseph p; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.; Schmidt-Rohr, K; and ,  Electronic inhomogeneity in n- and p-type PbTe detected by 125Te NMR  Physical Review B, 88, 115211 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.115211External link] [RMSSEC]
3117.Lu, Xu; and Morelli, Donald T  Rapid synthesis of high-performance thermoelectric materials directly from natural mineral tetrahedrite  MRS Communications, 3, 129-133 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1557/mrc.2013.26External link] [RMSSEC]
3118.Lu, Xu; and Morelli, Donald T  Natural Q1 Q2 mineral tetrahedrite as a direct source of  Physica Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 5762-5766 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1039/c3cp50920fExternal link] [RMSSEC]
3119.Ni, Jennifer E; Case, Eldon D; Stewart, Ryan; Wu, Chun-I; Hogan, Timothy P; Trejo, Rosa M; Lara-Curzio, Edgar; Girard, Steven; and Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.  Fracture mode, microstructure, and temperature-dependent elastic moduli for thermoelectric composites of PbTe-PbS with SiC nanoparticle additions  Philosophical Magazine, 93, 4412 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1080/14786435.2013.833354External link] [RMSSEC]
3120.Ni, Jennifer E; Case, Eldon D; Schmidt, Robert D; Wu, Chun-I; Hogan, Timothy P; Trejo, Rosa M; Kirkham, Melanie J; Lara-Curzio, Edgar; and Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.  The thermal expansion coefficient as a key design parameter for thermoelectric materials and its relationship to processing-dependent bloating  Journal of Material Science, 48, 6233-6244 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1007/s10853-013-7421-7External link] [RMSSEC]
3121.Ni, Jennifer E; and Case, Eldon D  Thermal Fatigue of Cast and Hot-Pressed Lead-Antimony-Silver-Tellurium (LAST) Thermoelectric Materials  Journal of Electronic Materials, 42, 1382-1388 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1007/s11664-012-2254-8External link] [RMSSEC]
3122.Ponnambalam, Vijay; Morelli, Donald T; Bhattacharya, S; and Tritt, T.  The role of simultaneous substitution of Cr and Ru on the thermoelectric properties of defect manganese silicides MnSiδ (1.73 < δ="" />< 1.75) ="" />Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 580, 598-603 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2013.07.136External link] [RMSSEC]
3123.Ponnambalam, Vijay; and Morelli, Donald T  Thermoelectric properties of light element containing Zintl compounds CaZn2-xCuxP2 and CaMnZn1-xCuxP2 (x = 0.0-0.2)  Journal of Electronic Materials, accepted, (2013).  [DOI:External link] [RMSSEC]
3124.Ponnambalam, Vijay; and Morelli, Donald T  On the Thermoelectric Properties of Zintl Compounds Mg3Bi2−xPnx (Pn = P and Sb)  Journal of Electronic Materials, 42, 1307-1312 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1007/s11664-012-2417-7External link] [RMSSEC]
3125.Schmidt, Robert D; Case, Eldon D; Ni, Jennifer E; Trejo, Rosa M; Lara-Curzio, Edgar; Korkosz, Rachel; and Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.  High-temperature elastic moduli of thermoelectric SnTe1±x - y SiC nanoparticulate composites  Journal of Material Science, 48, 8244-8258 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1007/s10853-013-7637-6External link] [RMSSEC]
3126.Schmidt, Robert D; Case, Eldon D; Lehr, Gloria J; and Morelli, Donald T  Room temperature mechanical properties of polycrystalline YbAl3, a promising low temperature thermoelectric material  Intermetallics, 35, 15-24 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.intermet.2012.11.019External link] [RMSSEC]
3127.Townsend, Joshua P; Chang, Yun-Yuan; Lou, Xiaoting; Merino, Miguel; Kirklin, Scott; Doak, J W; Issa, Ahmed; Wolverton, Christopher; Tkachev, Sergey N; Dera, Przemyslaw; and Jacobsen, Steven D.  Stability and equation of state of post-aragonite BaCO3  Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 40, 447-453 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1007/s00269-013-0582-8External link] [RMSSEC]
3128.Zhao, L D; Wu, Haijun; Hao, Shiqiang; Wu, Chun-I; Zhou, Xiaoyuan; Biswas, Kanishka; He, Jiaqing; Hogan, Timothy P; Uher, Ctirad; Wolverton, Christopher; Dravid, Vinayak; and Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.  All-scale hierarchical thermoelectrics: MgTe in PbTe facilitates valence band convergence and suppresses bipolar thermal transport for high performance  Energy and Environmental Science, 6, 3346-3355 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1039/C3EE42187BExternal link] [RMSSEC]
3129.Zhao, L D; Hao, Shiqiang; Lo, S H; Wu, Chun-I; Zhou, Xiaoyuan; Lee, Yeseul; Li, Hao; Biswas, Kanishka; Hogan, Timothy P; Uher, Ctirad; Wolverton, Christopher; Dravid, Vinayak; and Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.  High thermoelectric performance via hierarchical compositionally alloyed nanostructures  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 7364-7370 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja403134bExternal link] [RMSSEC]
3130.Alam, M. A.; Biswajit, Ray; Khan, M. Ryyan; and Dongaonkar, S.  The Essence and Efficiency Limits of Bulk-Heterostructure Organic Solar Cells: A Polymer-to-Panel Perspective  Journal of Materials Research, 28, 541-557 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1557/jmr.2012.425External link] [RPEMSC]
3131.Alam, Muhammad A.; and Ryyan Khan, M.  Fundamentals of PV efficiency interpreted by a two-level model  Am. J. Phys., 81, 655-662 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1119/1.4812594External link] [RPEMSC]
3132.Baer, Roi; and Rabani, Eran  Communication: Biexciton generation rates in CdSe nanorods are length independent  The Journal of Chemical Physics, 138, 051102 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1063/1.4790600External link] [RPEMSC]
3133.Batra, Arunabh; Darancet, Pierre; Chen, Qishui; Meisner, Jeffrey S.; Widawsky, Jonathan R.; Neaton, Jeffrey B.; Nuckolls, Colin; and Venkataraman, Latha  Tuning Rectification in Single-Molecular Diodes  Nano Letters, 13, 6233-6237 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/nl403698mExternal link] [RPEMSC]
3134.Berkelbach, Timothy C; Hybertsen, Mark S; and Reichman, David R  Microscopic theory of singlet exciton fission. I. General formulation  The Journal of Chemical Physics, 138, 114102 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1063/1.4794425External link] [RPEMSC]
3135.Berkelbach, Timothy C; Hybertsen, Mark S.; and Reichman, David  Theory of neutral and charged excitons in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides  Physical Review B, 88, 045318 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.045318External link] [RPEMSC]
3136.Berkelbach, Timothy C; Hybertsen, Mark S; and Reichman, David R  Microscopic theory of singlet exciton fission. II. Application to pentacene dimers and the role of superexchange  The Journal of Chemical Physics, 138, 114103 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1063/1.4794427External link] [RPEMSC]
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3139.Chen, Ruiyi; Das, Suprem R; Jeong, Changwook; Khan, Mohammad Ryyan; Janes, David B; and Alam, Muhammad A  Co‐Percolating Graphene‐Wrapped Silver Nanowire Network for High Performance, Highly Stable, Transparent Conducting Electrodes  Advanced Functional Materials, 23, 5150-5158 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201300124External link] [RPEMSC]
3140.Dell, Emma J.; Capozzi, Brian; DuBay, Kateri H.; Berkelbach, Timothy C.; Moreno, Jose Ricardo; Reichman, David R.; Venkataraman, Latha; and Campos, Luis M.  Impact of Molecular Symmetry on Single-Molecule Conductance  J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 11724-11727 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja4055367External link] [RPEMSC]
3141.Farrow, Christopher L.; Bediako, D. Kwabena; Surendranath, Yogesh; Nocera, Daniel G.; and Billinge, Simon J. L.  Intermediate-Range Structure of Self-Assembled Cobalt-Based Oxygen-Evolving Catalyst  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135, 6403-6406 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja401276fExternal link] [RPEMSC]
3142.Gan, Xuetao; Shiue, Ren-Jye; Gao, Yuanda; Mak, Kin Fai; Yao, Xinwen; Li, Luozhou; Szep, Attila; Walker, Dennis; Hone, James; Heinz, Tony F.; and Englund, Dirk  High-Contrast Electrooptic Modulation of a Photonic Crystal Nanocavity by Electrical Gating of Graphene  Nano Lett., 13, 691-696 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/nl304357uExternal link] [RPEMSC]
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3155.Kramer, Theodore J.; Kumar, Sanat K.; Steigerwald, Michael L.; and Herman, Irving P.  Reducing Strain and Fracture of Electrophoretically Deposited CdSe Nanocrystal Films. II. Postdeposition Infusion of Monomers  J. Phys. Chem. B, 117, 1544-1549 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/jp305608fExternal link] [RPEMSC]
3156.Kramer, Theodore J.; Kumar, Sanat K.; Steigerwald, Michael L.; and Herman, Irving P.  Reducing Strain and Fracture of Electrophoretically Deposited CdSe Nanocrystal Films. I. Postdeposition Infusion of Capping Ligands  J. Phys. Chem. B, 117, 1537-1543 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1021/jp305607tExternal link] [RPEMSC]
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3172.Suen, Linda M; Steigerwald, Michael L; and Leighton, James L  A new and more powerfully activating diamine for practical and scalable enantioselective aldehyde crotylsilylation reactions  Chemical Science, 4, 2413-2417 (2013).  [DOI: 10.1039/C3SC50714AExternal link] [RPEMSC]
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