Peer-reviewed publications of research supported in part or in whole under an EFRC are listed below. Publications are ordered first by year, then alphabetically by EFRC acronym, and finally alphabetically by first author. Links to the DOI and associated EFRC appear at the end of each citation. The publication list is updated periodically; the last such update was May 21, 2014.

4201.DuBois, Daniel L.; and Bullock, R. Morris  Molecular Electrocatalysts for the Oxidation of Hydrogen and the Production of Hydrogen – The Role of Pendant Amines as Proton Relays  European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2011, 1017-1027 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1002/ejic.201001081External link] [CME]
4202.Dupuis, Michel; Chen, Shentan; Raugei, Simone; DuBois, Daniel L.; and Bullock, R. Morris  Comment on “New Insights in the Electrocatalytic Proton Reduction and Hydrogen Oxidation by Bioinspired Catalysts: A DFT Investigation”  The Jouranal of Physical Chemistry A, 115, 4861-4865 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/jp111479zExternal link] [CME]
4203.Galan, Brandon R; Schoffel, Julia; Linehan, John C; Seu, Candace; Appel, Aaron M.; Roberts, John A S; Helm, Monte L.; Kilgore, Uriah J; Yang, Jenny Y; DuBois, Daniel L.; and Kubiak, Clifford P  Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Formate by [Ni(PR2NR'2)2(CH3CN)]2+ Complexes  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133, 12767-12779 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja204489eExternal link] [CME]
4204.Hammes-Schiffer, Sharon  Current Theoretical Challenges in Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer: Electron–Proton Nonadiabaticity, Proton Relays, and Ultrafast Dynamics  The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2, 1410-1416 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/jz200277pExternal link] [CME]
4205.Helm, Monte L.; Stewart, Michael P; Bullock, R. Morris; Rakowski DuBois, Mary; and DuBois, Daniel L.  A Synthetic Nickel Electrocatalyst with a Turnover Frequency Above 100,000 s-1 for H2 Production  Science, 333, 863-866 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1126/science.1205864External link] [CME]
4206.Kilgore, Uriah J; Stewart, Michael P; Helm, Monte L.; Dougherty, William G; Kassel, W Scott; Rakowski DuBois, Mary; DuBois, Daniel L.; and Bullock, R. Morris  Studies of a Series of [Ni(PR2NPh2)2(CH3CN)]2+ Complexes as Electrocatalysts for H2 Production: Substituent Variation at the Phosphorus Atom of the P2N2 Ligand.  Inorganic Chemistry, 50, 10908-10918 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/ic201461aExternal link] [CME]
4207.Kilgore, Uriah J; Roberts, John A S; Pool, Douglas H; Appel, Aaron M.; Stewart, Michael P; Rakowski DuBois, Mary; Dougherty, William G; Kassel, W Scott; Bullock, R. Morris; and DuBois, Daniel L.  [Ni(PPh2NC6H4X2)2]2+ Complexes as Electrocatalysts for H2 Production: Effect of Substituents, Acids, and Water on Catalytic Rates  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133, 5861-5872 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja109755fExternal link] [CME]
4208.Mock, Michael T; Chen, Shentan; Rousseau, Roger J; O'Hagan, Molly J.; Dougherty, William G; Kassel, W Scott; DuBois, Daniel L.; and Bullock, R. Morris  A rare terminal dinitrogen complex of chromium.  Chemical Communications, 47, 12212-12214 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1039/c1cc15430cExternal link] [CME]
4209.Mock, Michael T; Potter, Robert G; O'Hagan, Molly J.; Camaioni, Donald M; Dougherty, William G; Kassel, W Scott; and DuBois, Daniel L.  Synthesis and Hydride Transfer Reactions of Cobalt and Nickel Hydride Complexes to BX3 Compounds  Inorganic Chemistry, 50, 11914-11928 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/ic200857xExternal link] [CME]
4210.O'Hagan, Molly J.; Shaw, Wendy J.; Raugei, Simone; Chen, Shentan; Yang, Jenny Y; Kilgore, Uriah J; DuBois, Daniel L.; and Bullock, R. Morris  Moving Protons with Pendant Amines: Proton Mobility in a Nickel Catalyst for Oxidation of Hydrogen  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133, 14301-14312 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja201838xExternal link] [CME]
4211.Small, Yolanda A; DuBois, Daniel L.; Fujita, Etsuko; and Muckerman, James T  Proton management as a design principle for hydrogenase-inspired catalysts  Energy & Environmental Science, 4, 3008-3020 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1039/C1EE01170GExternal link] [CME]
4212.Tronic, Tristan A; Rakowski DuBois, Mary; Kaminsky, Werner; Coggins, Michael K; Liu, Tianbiao; and Mayer, James M  Directing Protons to the Dioxygen Ligand of a Ruthenium(II) Complex with Pendent Amines in the Second Coordination Sphere  Angewandte Chemie (International Edition), 50, 10936-10939 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1002/anie.201105266External link] [CME]
4213.Yang, Jenny Y; Bullock, R. Morris; Rakowski DuBois, Mary; and DuBois, Daniel L.  Fast and efficient molecular electrocatalysts for H2 production: Using hydrogenase enzymes as guides  MRS Bulletin, 36, 39-47 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1557/mrs.2010.8External link] [CME]
4214.Arman, B; Brandl, C.; Luo, S N; Germann, T. C.; Misra, A; and Cagin, T  Plasticity in Cu(111) /Cu46Zr54 glass nanolaminates under uniaxial compression  Journal of Applied Physics, 110, 043539 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4215.Beyerlein, I J; Mara, N A; Bhattacharyya, D; Necker, C T; and Alexander, D J  Texture evolution via combined slip and deformation twinning in rolled silver-copper eutectic nanocomposite  Int. J. Plast., 27, 121-146 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.ijplas.2010.05.007External link] [CMIME]
4216.Caro, Jose Alfredo; Hetherly, J; Stukowski, A; Caro, M; Martinez, E; Srivilliputhur, S. G.; Zepeda-Ruiz, L; and Nastasi, Michael  Properties of helium bubbles in Fe and FeCr alloys  J. Nucl. Mater., 418, 261 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4217.del Rio, E. ; Sampedro, J. M.; Dogo, H.; Caturla, M. J.; Caro, M; Caro, J. A.; and Perlado, J. M.  Formation energy of vacancies in FeCr alloys: dependence on Cr concentration  Journal of Nuclear Materials, 408, 18 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4218.Demkowicz, M J; and Thilly, L.  Structure, shear resistance, and interaction with point of defects of interfaces in Cu-Nb nanocomposites synthesized by severe plastic deformation  Acta Materialia, 59, 7744 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4219.Demkowicz, M J; Hoagland, R. G.; Uberuaga, B. P.; and Misra, A  Influence of interface sink strength on the reduction of radiation-induced defect concentrations and fluxes in materials with large interface area per unit volume  Phys. Rev. B, 84, 104012 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4220.Demkowicz, M J; Anderoglu, O; Zhang, X; and Misra, A  The influence of Σ3 twin boundries on the formation of radiation-induced defect clusters in nanowinned Cu  J. Mater. Res., 26, 1666 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4221.Di, Z F; Bai, X. M.; Wei, Q; Hoagland, R. G.; Wang, Y. -Q.; Misra, A; Uberuaga, B. P.; and Nastasi, Michael  Tunable helium bubble superlattice ordered by screw dislocation network  Phys. Rev. B., 84, 052101 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4222.Han, W Z; Misra, A; Mara, N A; Germann, T. C.; Baldwin, J K; and Luo, S N  Role of interfaces in shock-induced plasticity in Cu/Nb nanolaminates  Philosophical Magazine, 91, 4172-85 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4223.Hetherly, J; Martinez, E; Caro, Jose Alfredo; and Nastasi, Michael  Helium bubble growth at bcc twist grain boundaries  J. Nucl. Mater., 419, 201 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4224.Hunter, A; Beyerlein, I J; Germann, T. C.; and Koslowski, M  Influence of the stacking fault energy surface on extended partials in fcc metals with a 3D phase field dislocation dynamics model  Phys. Rev. B, 84, 144108 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4225.Levesque, M.; Martinez, E; Fu, C -C.; Nastar, M.; and Soisson, F.  A simple concentration-dependent pair interaction model for large-scale simulations of FeCr alloys  Phys. Rev. B, 84, 184205 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4226.Li, Nan; Mara, N A; Wang, Y. -Q.; Nastasi, Michael; and Misra, A  Compressive flow behavior of Cu thin films and Cu/Nb multilayers containing nanometer-scale helium bubbles  Scripta Materialia, 64, 974-77 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4227.Li, N; Carter, J J; Misra, A; Shao, L; and Zhang, X  The Influence of Interfaces on the Formation of Bubbles in He Ion Irradiated Cu/Mo Multilayers  Phil. Mag. Lett., 91, 19-29 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4228.Martinez, E; and Fu, C -C.  Cr interactions with He and vacancies in dilute Fe-Cr alloys from first principles  Phys. Rev. B, 84, 014203 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4229.Perez-Bergquist, A.; Cerreta, Ellen K.; Trujillo, Carl P.; Cao, Fang; and Gray III, G. T.  Orientation Dependence of Void Formation and Substructure Deformation in a Spalled Copper Bicrystal  Scripta Materialia, 65, 1069 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4230.Uberuaga, B. P.; and Bai, X. M.  Defects in rutile and anatase polymorphs of TiO2: kinetics and thermodynamics near grain boundaries  J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 23, 435004 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4231.Valone, S M  A Concept of Fragment Hardness, Independent of Net Charge, From a Wave-Function Perspective  J. Phys. Chem. Lett, 2, 2618 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4232.Valone, S M  Quantum Mechanical Origins of the Iczkowski-Margrave Model of Chemical Potential  J. Chem. Theor. Comput., 7, 2253-61 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4233.Wang, J.; Beyerlein, I J; Mara, N A; and Bhattacharyya, D  Interface-facilitated deformation twinning in copper within submicron Ag-Cu multilayered composites  Scripta Materialia, 64, 1083-1086 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4234.Wei, Q; Li, Nan; Mara, N A; Nastasi, Michael; and Misra, A  Suppression of irradiation hardening in nanoscale V/Ag multilayers  Acta Materialia, 59, 6331 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4235.Wei, Q M; Wang, Y Q; Nastasi, Michael; and Misra, A  Nucleation and Growth of Bubbles in He Ion Implanted V/Ag Multilayers,  Philos. Mag., 91, 553 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4236.Zhang, R F; Wang, J.; Beyerlein, I J; and Germann, T. C.  Twinning in bcc metals under shock loading: A challenge to empirical potentials  Phil. Mag. Lett., 91, 731-740 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4237.Zhang, R F; Wang, J.; Beyerlein, I J; and Germann, T. C.  Dislocation Nucleation Mechanisms from fcc/bcc Incoherent Interfaces  Scripta Materialia, 65, 1022-25 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4238.Zhuo, M J; Fu, E G; Yan, L; Wang, Y Q; Zhang, Y Y; Dickerson, R M; Uberuaga, B. P.; Misra, A; Nastasi, Michael; and Jia, Q X  Interface-enhanced defect absorption between epitaxial anatase TiO2 film and single crystal SrTiO3  Scripta Materialia, 65, 807 (2011).  [DOI:External link] [CMIME]
4239.Aidhy, Dilpuneet S. ; Wolf, Dieter ; and El-Azab, Anter  Comparison of point-defect clustering in irradiated CeO2 and UO2: A unified view from molecular dynamics simulations and experiments  Scripta Materialia, 65, Issue 10, 867-870 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2011.07.051External link] [CMSNF]
4240.Chernatynskiy, Aleksandr; Turney, Joseph E.; McGaughey , Alan J. H. ; Amon, Christina H. ; and Phillpot, Simon R.  Phonon-Mediated Thermal Conductivity in Ionic Solids by Lattice Dynamics-Based Methods  Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 94, Issue 10, 3523-3531 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1111/j.1551-2916.2011.04743.xExternal link] [CMSNF]
4241.Hurley, David H. ; Khafizov, Marat ; and Shinde, S. L.  Measurement of the Kapitza resistance across a bicrystal interface   Journal of Applied Physics, 109, 083501 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1063/1.3573511External link] [CMSNF]
4242.Khafizov, Marat ; and Hurley, David H.  Measurement of Thermal Transport Using Time-Resolved Thermal Wave Microscopy  Journal of Applied Physics, 110, 83525, 7 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1063/1.3653829External link] [CMSNF]
4243.Phillpot, Simon R. ; El-Azab, Anter ; Chernatynskiy, Aleksandr; and Tulenko, James S.  Thermal Conductivity of UO2 Fuel: Predicting Fuel Performance from Simulation   Journal of The Minerals, Metals and Materials Societ, 63 No. 8, 73-79 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1007/s11837-011-0143-xExternal link] [CMSNF]
4244.Yu, Jiangou; Rosso, Kevin M.; and Bruemmer, Stephen M.  Charge and Ion Transport in NiO and Aspects of Ni Oxidation from First Principles  Journal of Physical Chemistry, 116 (2) , 1948-1954 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/jp208080vExternal link] [CMSNF]
4245.Bakke, J. R.; Tanskanen, J. T.; Jung, H. J.; Sinclair, R.; and Bent, S. F.  Atomic layer deposition of Cd(x)Zn(1-x)S films  Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21, 743-751 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1039/c0jm02786cExternal link] [CNEEC]
4246.Bakke, J. R.; Pickrahn, K. L.; Brennan, T. P.; and Bent, S. F.  Nanoengineering and interfacial engineering of photovoltaics by atomic layer deposition  Nanoscale, 3, 3482-3508 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1039/c1nr10349kExternal link] [CNEEC]
4247.Brennan, T. P.; Ardalan, P.; Lee, H. B. R.; Bakke, J. R.; Ding, I. K.; McGehee, M. D.; and Bent, S. F.  Atomic Layer Deposition of CdS Quantum Dots for Solid-State Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells  Advanced Energy Materials, 1, 1169-1175 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201100363External link] [CNEEC]
4248.Butler, Leslie G. ; Schillinger, Burkhard ; Ham, Kyungmin; Dobbins, Tabbetha A. ; Liu , Ping; and Vajo, John J.  Neutron imaging of a commercial Li-ion battery during discharge: Application of monochromatic imaging and polychromatic dynamic tomography  Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 651, 320-328 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2011.03.023External link] [CNEEC]
4249.Cao, L. Y.; Fan, P. Y.; and Brongersma, M. L.  Optical Coupling of Deep-Subwavelength Semiconductor Nanowires  Nano Letters, 11, 1463-1468 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/nl1040429External link] [CNEEC]
4250.Chao, C. C.; Hsu, C. M.; Cui, Y.; and Prinz, F. B.  Improved Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Performance with Nanostructured Electrolytes  Acs Nano, 5, 5692-5696 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/nn201354pExternal link] [CNEEC]
4251.Chen, Z. B.; Cummins, D.; Reinecke, B. N.; Clark, E.; Sunkara, M. K.; and Jaramillo, T. F.  Core-shell MoO(3)-MoS(2) Nanowires for Hydrogen Evolution: A Functional Design for Electrocatalytic Materials  Nano Letters, 11, 4168-4175 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/nl2020476External link] [CNEEC]
4252.Cho, I. S.; Chen, Z. B.; Forman, A. J.; Kim, D. R.; Rao, P. M.; Jaramillo, T. F.; and Zheng, X. L.  Branched TiO(2) Nanorods for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production  Nano Letters, 11, 4978-4984 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/nl2029392External link] [CNEEC]
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4255.Feng, Y. Z.; Rao, P. M.; Kim, D. R.; and Zheng, X. L.  Methane oxidation over catalytic copper oxides nanowires  Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 33, 3169-3175 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1016/j.proci.2010.05.017External link] [CNEEC]
4256.Garcia-Mota, M.; Vojvodic, A.; Metiu, H.; Man, I. C.; Su, H. Y.; Rossmeisl, J.; and Norskov, J. K.  Tailoring the Activity for Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysis on Rutile TiO(2)(110) by Transition-Metal Substitution  Chemcatchem, 3, 1607-1611 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201100160External link] [CNEEC]
4257.Jeong, S.; McDowell, M. T.; and Cui, Y.  Low-Temperature Self-Catalytic Growth of Tin Oxide Nanocones over Large Areas  Acs Nano, 5, 5800-5807 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/nn2015216External link] [CNEEC]
4258.Kim, Y. B.; Holme, T. P.; Gur, T. M.; and Prinz, F. B.  Surface-Modified Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell  Advanced Functional Materials, 21, 4684-4690 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201101058External link] [CNEEC]
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4263.Kim, Y. B.; Shim, J. H.; Gur, T. M.; and Prinz, F. B.  Epitaxial and Polycrystalline Gadolinia-Doped Ceria Cathode Interlayers for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells  Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 158, B1453-B1457 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1149/2.001112jesExternal link] [CNEEC]
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4279.Chan, Wai-lun; Ligges, Manuel; Jailaubekov, Askat; Kaake, Loren; Miaja-Avila, Luis; and Zhu, Xiaoyang  Observing the Multi-Exciton State in Singlet Fission and Ensuing Ultrafast Multi-Electron Transfer  Science, 334, 1541-1545 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1126/science.1213986External link] [CST]
4280.Chen, Zheng; Dreyer, Daniel R; Wu, Zong-Quan; Wiggins, Kelly M; and Bielawski, Christopher W.  Synthesis of Main Chain Poly(carbazole)s via CuAAC  J. Polym. Sci., Part A: Polym. Chem., 49, 1421-1426 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1002/pola.24563External link] [CST]
4281.Chockla, Aaron M; Harris, Justin T.; Akhavan, Vahid A.; Bogart, Timothy D.; Holmberg, Vincent C.; Steinhagen, Chet; Mullins, C. Buddie; Stevenson, Keith J; and Korgel, Brian A.  Silicon Nanowire Fabric as a Lithium Ion Battery Electrode Material  J. Am. Chem. Soc., 51, 20914-20921 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/ja208232hExternal link] [CST]
4282.Dathar, G. K. Phani; Sheppard, Daniel; Stevenson, Keith J; and Henkelman, Graeme  Calculations of Li Ion Diffusion in Olivine Phosphates  Chemistry of Materials, 23(17), 4032-4037 (2011).  [DOI: 10.1021/cm201604gExternal link] [CST]
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