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DOE Office of Science Award Search Website

The award search returns lists of (1) grants, (2) cooperative agreements, and (3) interagency awards currently funded by the DOE Office of Science. An award will appear in the search within the office or division that manages it:

Select Organization

The dollar amount returned by the search represents the planned award amount over the award period at the time the award was initiated. The total actual award amount may be more or less, depending on the outcome of progress reviews, supplemental proposal considerations, and available funding.

Award lists can be exported into spreadsheets for sorting and analysis. To do this, search under the organization heading of interest. On the search results page, an "Export to Excel" link can be found.

New awards recommended for funding by program managers will not appear in the search until after they are awarded by the contracting officer.

This awards search does not return DOE national laboratory awards; the individual program office websites may provide information on laboratory programs.

Last modified: 7/28/2014 10:44:15 AM