Research Areas

The Computational Materials and Chemical Sciences Network (CMCSN)

The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, provides support for Computational Materials and Chemical Sciences Network (CMCSN) projects through the Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics & Theoretical and Computation Chemistry Core Research Activities. The CMCSN program supports fundamental research activities in theory and computation relevant to the BES mission. CMCSN projects involve the creation of a Collaborative Research Team (CRT) of researchers who share coherent scientific goals and complementary theoretical and computational approaches.

CMCSN currently has eight active Collaborative Research Teams (CRTs). Each CRT consists of 15-40 scientists at different institutions, organized around a central scientific objective of key importance to materials science, chemistry and the Department of Energy. The CRTs are further divided into smaller subprojects, typically involving one or two cooperating institutions.

If you are interested in receiving e-mail messages regarding future CMCSN activities including funding opportunity announcements please address an e-mail to Dr. James Davenport and Dr. Mark Pederson with the subject line CMCSN Dear Colleague List. Please make sure your message include your name and contact information.

Points of Contact:

James W. Davenport
Program Manager, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Mark R. Pederson
Program Manager, Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

For background on CMCSN activities including DOE's CMCSN webpage, please contact:

Tim Fitzsimmons
Program Manager, DOE EPSCoR

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