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Provided here are selected presentations given by the Director of BES since 2001 and some other related presentations. These are often large Powerpoint (PPT) files that may take a long time to download within your browser. Right click on a PPT icon and select Save Target As to download a file to your hard drive for better viewing.

Title of Presentation Date Presented
Basic Energy Sciences Update presented to the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee.pdf file (4.9MB) (30 pages) April 21, 2015
Basic Energy Sciences: Past, Present, and Future presented at the 2015 Spring MRS Meeting.pdf file (2.6MB)
(29 slides)
April 7, 2015
Materials for Extreme Environments: A Perspective from DOE-Basic Energy Sciences.pdf file (2.9MB) (32 slides) June 15, 2010
2010 DOE Hydrogen & Vehicle Technologies Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting.pdf file (2.2MB) (26 slides) June 7, 2010
CFN/NSLS Users Meeting at Brookhaven National Laboratory.pptx file (7.4MB) (24 slides) May 25, 2010
CFN/NSLS Users Meeting at Brookhaven National Laboratory.ppt file (3.2MB) (24 slides) May 19, 2009
2009 DOE Hydrogen & Vehicle Technologies Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting.ppt file (4.7MB) (21 slides) May 18, 2009
Board on Physics and Astronomy Spring Meeting.ppt file (5.2MB) (29 slides) April 24, 2009
Facing Our Energy Challenges in a New Era of Science.ppt file (42.7MB) (79 slides) June 5, 2007
Basic Energy Sciences — Scientific User Facilities.ppt file (31.0MB) (33 slides) January 28, 2007
Facing Our Energy Challenges in a New Era of Science: Science, Scientists, and Our Energy Future.ppt file (44.1MB) (78 slides)
(Abstract)External link
November 27, 2006
The American Competitiveness Initiative.ppt file (15.6MB) (35 slides) May 19, 2006
Basic Energy Sciences Update.ppt file (33.4MB) (36 slides) April 21, 2006
Some Energy Facts…Facing our energy challenges in a new era of science.ppt file (69.6MB) (64 slides) April 18, 2006
BES Update and Status of Facilities.ppt file (44.2MB) (40 slides) April 6, 2006
Energy Challenges in a New Era of Science
Energy, Politics, Society, and Science.ppt file
 (40.2MB) (43 slides)
March 21, 2006
Our Energy Challenges in a New Era of Science: The Collision of Today's Energy Reality, Society, Politics, and Science.ppt file (38.3MB) (29 slides) March 15, 2006
Innovations in Science Management: Science for Energy Strategies.ppt file (24.4MB) (18 slides) November 15, 2005
Beta Test of Alternative Metrics for Assessing the BES Light Sources.pdf file (1.9MB) (21 slides) October 17, 2005
Some Energy Facts….ppt file (27.7MB) (29 slides) September 26, 2005
Nanotechnology: Energizing Our Future August 10, 2005
Basic Research Needs for the Hydrogen Economy.ppt file (4.5MB) (22 slides) November 18, 2004
The Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Money, and You.ppt file (15.5MB) (17 slides) May 5, 2004
"View from the Hill".ppt file (99KB) (Ellen E. Burns) (16 slides) May 5, 2004
Chemistry in DOE's Office of Science.ppt file (10.1MB) (29 slides) April 20, 2004
Basic Research Needs for the Hydrogen Economy.ppt file (5.6MB) (17 slides) April 12, 2004
Overview Briefing for Staff of the House Science Committee.ppt file (60.0MB) (46 slides) February 27, 2004
Nanoscale Science and Technology in DOE's Office of Science.ppt file (20.2MB) (6 slides) September 23, 2003
BES from 35,000 Feet.ppt file (57.4MB) (47 slides) June 17, 2003
Research Programs and Scientific User Facilities.ppt file (58.2MB) (78 slides) October 28, 2002
Basic Research Needs to Assure a Secure Energy Future.ppt file (35.7MB) (33 slides) October 21, 2002
NNI: From Vision to Commercialization.ppt file (19.7MB) (16 slides) April 30, 2002
Synchrotron Users Visit to Capitol Hill
(12 slides).ppt file (14.8MB)
(1 slide).ppt file (500KB)
April 17-18, 2002
Nanoscience Activities in BES.ppt file (25.6MB) (27 slides) March 6, 2002
GPRA for COSEPUP.ppt file (23.1MB) (33 slides) February 27, 2002
Performance Assessment in SC.ppt file (27.1MB) (52 slides) January 24, 2002
State of the Physical Sciences.ppt file (18.9MB) (33 slides) April 27, 2001
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