Construction Projects

Experiments in support of basic research require that state-of-the-art facilities are built or existing facilities are modified to meet unique research requirements and keep the U.S. scientific enterprise world leading. Reactors, x-ray light sources, and pulsed neutron sources are among the expensive, but necessary, facilities required, and the BES program funds for the construction and modification of these facilities.

The BES construction projects are conceived and planned with the broad user community and, during construction, are maintained on schedule and within cost. Furthermore, the construction projects adhere to the highest standards of safety. These facilities will provide the research community with the tools to fabricate, characterize, and develop new materials and chemical processes to advance basic and applied research across the full range of scientific disciplines and technological research areas.

Details of SUF construction activities are contained in the BES budget request. Currently, the predominant construction project is the National Synchrotron Light Source II.

The National Synchrotron Light Source-IIExternal link (NSLS-II) is a project at Brookhaven National LaboratoryExternal link to design and build a world-class user facility for scientific research using synchrotron radiation. The project scope includes the design, construction, and installation of the accelerator hardware, civil construction, and experimental facilities required to produce a new synchrotron light source. It will be highly optimized to deliver ultra-high brightness and flux and exceptional beam stability. These capabilities will enable the study of material properties and functions down to a spatial resolution of 1nm, energy resolution of 0.1meV, and with the ultra-high sensitivity necessary to perform spectroscopy on a single atom.

For more information about this research area, please contact Dr. Phil Kraushaar.

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