Business Management and Planning (BMP) Division

The Business Management and Planning (BMP) Division provides planning, design, implementation, and overall project management for SC mission-support IT Initiatives such as research grants and financial management systems; network modernization; and IT Strategic and Operational plans. BMP further supports the SC National Laboratories, Field Offices, and the Integrated Support Center through Federal Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs and activities that include SC-wide Capital Planning and Investment Control, major scientific program/project analysis, and IT portfolio management services.

Business Planning / Strategy:

Takes a lead role in setting long term business direction and strategy and mapping BPO goals to the Science and DOE mission.

Program Management Office (PMO):

Defines and maintains standards for management of programs and projects within the BPO. The primary goal of a PMO is to help the BPO achieve benefits from standardizing and following project management policies, processes, and methods.

Enterprise Architecture (EA):

Maximizes the contribution of an agency’s IT investments and system development activities to achieve peak performance levels. The BPO Federal EA Framework is dynamic and fully integrated throughout each of the Office of Science’s major business areas such as project and program management, strategic planning, capital planning and investment control (CPIC), and business management.

Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC):

Initiates the decision-making processes for ensuring IT investments are integrated and aligned to strategic planning, budgeting, procurement, and the management of IT portfolio throughout the Office of Science in order to support the Science mission and meet business needs. The BPO CPIC Team provides analytical consultation and guidance to our IT partners based on policy compliance and strategic resource management goals.

Systems and Applications Engineering (SAE):

Provides engineering information technology management and operations solutions to the SC HQ mission-support business systems. SAE provides research, design, development, testing and integration of business systems, applications and networks to support the SC HQ missions.

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