SC Systems and Operations (SCSO) Division

The SC Systems and Operations Division (SCSO) provides support for the SC HQ users in the areas of operations and maintenance for SC’s network infrastructure, operational applications, cyber security, Science web sites and portals, COOP/ disaster recovery, IT property and asset management, and the SC Service Center (SCSC).

IT Security:

Provides security guidance and technical analysis in support of Federal, DOE, and Science-wide security policies. Monitors systems and software, performing continuous monitoring for deployed systems and pre-deployment security assessments for new systems. Conducts Certification and Accreditation (C&A) activities for all systems within the SC Headquarters boundary.

SC Service Center (SCSC):

Provides phone analyst support for on-site and SC remote access users. Provides the SC user community with personalized deskside support for all SC hardware and software, conference equipment setup, as well as laptop and Blackberry loaner pool services.

Infrastructure and Support Services:

Maintains and monitors servers, Blade infrastructure and data storage, and supports server deployment. Provides enterprise-wide backup solution including Disaster Recovery and COOP services, as well as support for organization email and remote access capability.

Web and Portal Services:

Maintains and improves all Internet, Intranet and Portal web sites with the goal of offering solutions to help deliver high performance through reduced operational expenses, simplified application maintenance, and improved customer satisfaction.

Communication and Collaboration Services:

Supports Microsoft Outlook email, Microsoft SharePoint Portals, Microsoft Office Communicator (Instant Messaging), and other professional social networking and collaboration capabilities.

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