Current Projects

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Computational Research & Theory Facility: Structural concrete is effectively completed. Stored soil at Bevatron parking lot was removed to approved landfill. Roofing installation is underway. Exterior wall panels and glass installation are underway. Cooling Tower piping installation continues. Interior wall framing, MEP and sprinkler installation are underway. Truck turnaround slab installation was performed. Fireproofing of structural is underway. 15 kV cable feeder splicing was completed to MH 3. Major electrical equipment was delivered in May. Fabrication of isolated computer flooring will commence in June. Project is scheduled for completion in January 2015.

Solar Energy Research Center: Building power has been recently turned on and is ready for main building mechanical equipment systems to be started up and commissioned. Finishes including flooring and final paint are underway. Lab case work and associated utilities are in the process of being installed and hooked up. Landscape and hardscape will proceed through the summer. Work anticipated to be completed by end of 2014.

Seismic Phase 2:

Bldg. 33 General Purpose Laboratory: Substantial completion of building construction occurred in April. The project is closing out commissioning and punchlist efforts to make way for follow-on fit-up work. Interior fit-up construction will begin in June and extend through September. Furniture installation to begin in June and will be completed in 6 weeks.

FlexLab: Electrical energization of the exterior test beds is complete. Commissioning of building systems is in progress. Berkeley Lab has taken beneficial occupancy of the rotating test bed and modifications for the first experiment are underway.

Old Town Demolition: Funding has been approved for Buildings 5, 16 and 16A and for the slabs of previously demolished Buildings 52, 52A, 40 and 4. Critical Decision-2/3, Approve Performance Baseline and Approve Start of Construction/Execution, review is scheduled to occur in June. The demolition and soil remediation of Buildings 4, 7, 7C, 14 is deferred until further funding is available. The demolition of the subject buildings is part of an overall plan to remediate and redevelop the Old Town area of the Lab.

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