Stories of Discovery & Innovation


The photosynthetic megacomplex from a cyanobacterium.12.30.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Observing the Sparks of Life

EFRC researchers isolate a photosynthetic complex — arguably the most important bit of organic chemistry on the planet — in its complete functioning state. Read More »

Scanning electron microscope image of sulfur graphene oxide.11.27.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Toward 300 Miles on a Single Charge?

Berkeley Lab scientists design a high-performance, long cycle-life lithium-sulfur battery. Read More »

Using genomics, Brookhaven researchers found a means to significantly increase oils in plant leaves—which could greatly enhance the energy content of plants as biofuel feedstocks.10.18.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

The Other Route to Biofuels

Scientists identify key genes for increasing oil in plant leaves. Read More »

An image of the bacterium Caldicellulosiruptor bescii, named for the DOE BioEnergy Science Center (BESC).07.29.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Discovery through Teamwork

By coordinating capabilities across institutions, DOE Bioenergy Research Center scientists identify a powerful new microbe for biofuel processing. Read More »

Two images of microbatteries, right image has casing around it.06.24.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

“Printing” Tiny Batteries

Researchers use sophisticated 3D printing techniques to create batteries the size of a grain of sand. Read More »

An image of a hand over a touchscreen.05.29.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Revolutionizing the Touch Screen?

Using nanotechnology, EFRC researchers fashion a new kind of transparent electrode for flat-panel displays. Read More »

An image of a remote Joule heating.04.30.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Heating Up While Staying Cool?

Exotic effects at the nanoscale could help shape the future of electronics. Read More »

An image of methylmercury03.25.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Microbes, Mercury, and Risk

Oak Ridge researchers unlock a genetic key to mercury contamination of the food chain. Read More »

Image of a microsized pore and tunnel in an electrode02.27.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Out of Thin Air

Nanoscience helps pave the way toward next generation “lithium-air” batteries. Read More »

An image of a schematic diagram.01.14.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Follow the Atoms

Innovative computational approach accurately maps biochemical reactions at the atomic level. Read More »