Office of Fusion Energy Sciences (SC-24) 
Edmund J. Synakowski, Associate Director
Tel: 301-903-4941
Fax: 301-903-8584

Vacant — Administrative Specialist - Personal Assistant to the Associate Director and Office Manager for SC-24
Pam Miller — Program Analyst for Budget and FES Human Resource Liaison (301-903-4788)
Gene Nardella — Chief of Staff to the Associate Director (301-903-4956)

Organization Chart.pdf file (45KB)

Mailing Address:
Office of Fusion Energy Sciences
SC-24/Germantown Building
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20585-1290
Special Delivery Address:
Office of Fusion Energy Sciences
U.S. Department of Energy/SC-24
19901 Germantown Road
Germantown, MD 20874-1290

Facilities, Operations, and Projects Division (SC-24.1)
Joseph J. May, Director
Tel: 301-903-3068
Fax: 301-903-1233

Program Support
Shahida Afzal — Program Analyst for International Agreements (301-903-4941)
Sandy Newton — Program Support Specialist - Personal Assistant to the Division Director, Division Office Manager for SC-24.1, and FESAC Administrative Support (301-903-3068)

Program Management
Mark Foster — Program Manager for Advanced Tokamak and (Acting) Spherical Tokamak (858-455-3360)
John Glowienka — Program Manager for U.S. ITER Project (301-903-2235)
Edward Stevens — Program Manager for Fusion Nuclear Science, and ITER Project (301-903-4957)
Barry Sullivan — Program Manager for Enabling R&D, Fusion Nuclear Science, Environmental, Safety & Health, and SBIR/STTR (301-903-8438)
Tom Vanek — Senior Policy Advisor for U.S. ITER Project and International Program (301-903-3068)

Research Division (SC-24.2)
James W. Van Dam, Director
Tel: 301-903-4095
Fax: 301-903-8584

Program Support
Yvette Walker — Administrative Specialist - Personal Assistant to the Division Director and Division Office Manager for SC-24.2 (301-903-3563)
Marty Carlin — Program Analyst for Procurements (301-903-3287)

Program Management
Sam Barish — Program Manager for Long Pulse Stellarators and FESAC (301-903-2917)
Curt Bolton — Program Manager for General Plasma Science (301-903-4914)
Sean Finnegan — Program Manager for Plasma Science Frontiers, Outreach, and (Acting) High-Energy-Density Laboratory Plasmas and General Plasma Science (301-903-4920)
John Mandrekas — Program Manager for Theory & Simulation, and (Acting) Long Pulse Tokamak (301-903-0552)
Al Opdenaker — Program Manager for Small-scale Experimental Research (301-903-4927)
Peter Pappano — Program Manager for Materials & Fusion Nuclear Science (301-903-4883)
Nirmol Podder — Program Manager for General Plasma Science and Exploratory Magnetized Plasma (301-903-9536)
Francis Thio — Program Manager for Measurement Innovation and Exploratory Magnetized Plasma (301-903-4678)

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