FSO Mission The Fermi Site Office (FSO) manages the Department of Energy (DOE) performance-based management and operating contract for the safe, secure, effective, and efficient operation of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab). FSO supports the Office of Science (SC) mission to foster, formulate, and support forefront basic and applied research programs which advance the science and technology foundations necessary to accomplish DOE missions. The Fermi Site Office roles include:

  • Serve as the local SC representative and site’s owner/landlord.
  • Provide Federal Project Director Service to all large projects.
  • Evaluate contract performance and deliverables through the Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan (PEMP).
  • Deliver government-furnished services and approval necessary for mission success.
  • Maintain partnering with the contractor on Laboratory stewardship activities including evaluation of facilities, equipment, and scientific expertise for alignment with future Laboratory missions.


FSO is the SC line management organization within DOE. FSO is responsible for the management of the Fermilab contract, including oversight of the Laboratory contractor’s performance and serving as the DOE landlord for Fermilab. FSO is organized into three divisions: (1) Programs, Projects, and Facilities (2) Environment, Safety, & Health, and Program Support (3) Business and Contract Support. In addition to the staff in the three divisions, the FSO administrative staff is comprised of one individual.

Key functions performed by SC-FSO are included in the Functional Organization Chart that follows.

FSO Functional Organization Chart

SOM and Deputy SOM
FRA Board
SC Front Office
SC Program communications
SC Program Reviews
Laboratory Strategic Planning Contractor Assurance
FSO Oversight Program
PEMP Management
Counterintelligence Program
Community Relations and Public Affairs
FSO Annual Plan
FSO Issues Management
FSO Workforce Planning
FSO Resource Management
Business ES&H Projects
FSO PD Budget
FSO Property Management
FSO Purchasing
FSO Training
FSO Personnel Management
FSO Records Management
FSO Directives Mgmt.
FSO Support Contracts
SCMS Implementation
PEMP coordination
FSO Annual Plan coord
Conference Management
Foreign Travel
Real Property Management
M&O Contract Competition
M&O Extend/Compete
Contract Management/CO functions
M&O Determinations
Work Authorizations
Contract Requirements
Prime Contract Actions
COR Designations
ESPC Contract Management
FFRDC Determinations
Financial Management
Property Management
Fleet/Motor Vehicle
Contractor HR
Davis Bacon/Labor Standards
IG & GAO Audits
Department Audit Resolution
Internal Audit
OMB A-123
Technology Transfer
Cyber Security
Records Management
Printing & Graphic Arts
Small Business Program
International Relations
FSO Integrated Safety
Management (ISM)
Assessment (IAS) coordination
FSO SOP Coordination
Facility Representative
Lessons Learned
Emergency Preparedness
SC Quarterly Safety Reporting
SC ESH Manager Working Group
SC Accelerator Safety Working Group
FNAL ISM Program
Injury/Case Management/CAIRS
Occurrence Reporting
Employee Concerns Program
10 CFR 851 Worker Safety & Health
Nuclear/Criticality Safety
Accelerator Safety
10CFR 835 Occupational Radiation
Radiological Protection
Emergency Management
Fire Protection
Environmental Compliance/EMS
Historic Preservation/Cultural
Quality Assurance
Accelerator Safety
Occupational Medicine
EEOICPA/Former Worker Pgm
Human Subjects Protection
Conduct of Operations
Aviation Safety
Construction/Industrial Safety
Electrical Safety
Industrial Hygiene
Safeguards & Security
Laser Safety
Transportation Safety
Waste Management

Site Master Planning
Ten Year Site Plan (ALP)
Mission Readiness
Energy Management
Sustainability goals
Facilities & Infrastructure (FIMS/RPAM)
3PBP Prioritization/CURL
IFI Crosscut
Modernization Projects/SLI planning
IGPP/GPP programs
Project Management

  • NOvA
  • SLI
  • MicroBoone
  • Mu2e
  • LBNE
  • Muon g-2
  • CMS Upgrade
  • PIP-II
  • IARC

SC Excess Facilities
Land Use Controls
SC Program Review coordinator
SC Laboratory Plan coordinator

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