Virtual Contract Management Team

The Site Office operates as a virtual contract management team working to provide the necessary information to ensure that the Contracting Officers have the appropriate performance information to execute their warrant. A strong partnership with the Laboratory eliminates unnecessary low value added transactions to maximize mission delivery.

The CO’s implement contract management functions through the appropriate Site Office staff in accordance with the Site Office processes and procedures. The CO’s additionally perform the Property Administrator (PA) and Fleet Manager roles. They provide advice and leadership to the virtual contract management team, the CORs and other parties as appropriate.

FSO Oversight Program

The FSO Oversight Program is a comprehensive set of line management oversight processes that encompass on-going communication exchanges, assessments, frequent routine oversight activities (such as operational status checks, walkthroughs, and surveillances), document reviews, results of external assessments, and participation during internal Laboratory meetings to obtain knowledge and maintain cognizance of the status and planned changes of the complete range of functional areas managed by Fermilab. These activities provide FSO a basis to make the ISM declaration described in Section II f. The FSO Oversight Program goal is to provide FSO with sufficient knowledge of site and contractor activities to make informed decisions concerning hazards, risks and resource allocation, provide direction to contractors, and evaluate contractor performance. A primary focus will be to continue fostering and improving the partnerships between the SC Site Offices and Laboratory Leadership teams building upon trust in the partnering arrangements that are necessary to strengthen Fermilab’s CAS. Quality Assurance (QA), Integrated Safety Management (ISM), Environmental Management System, Integrated Safeguards and Security Management (ISSM), Cyber Security, Emergency Management, and CASs remain focal points of the Oversight Program to ensure that these cross-cutting site management systems are integrated into management and work activities at all levels. The combination of planned assessments, annual evaluations of contractor performances and on-going operational awareness activities ensure an effective FSO Oversight Program.

FSO management and staff review a multitude of documents and records related to the full range of Laboratory programs, systems, and projects. FSO balances document reviews with field or work observation activities to ensure that there is not an over reliance on the document review activities. As part of its oversight activities, FSO staff also access various DOE and Fermilab websites and databases which contain useful information about Fermilab activities, status of addressing action plans, and details about reported incidents (e.g., illness or injuries, lessons learned, etc.). In addition, details about incidents at other Laboratories are shared with Fermilab that could result in safety improvements or incident avoidance. These databases include, among others, the Occurrence Reporting and Processing System, the Noncompliance Tracking System, and the Lessons Learned Database.

FSO remains committed to performing periodic self-assessments of the Fermi Site Office management systems. The purpose of the self-assessments is to determine the effectiveness of FSO oversight functions, roles, and responsibilities. FSO periodically reviews its’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to assure they align with the SCMS procedures and reflect FSO’s current oversight functions. FSO SOPs will be reviewed on a periodic basis, with a goal to review all on a three year cycle. The SOP review schedule will be tracked within the FSO electronic tracking system. The SOP review process will also consider operational and requirement changes that may impact FSO oversight roles and responsibilities. While oversight is integral to the job performance of each member of the FSO management and professional staff, FSO personnel responsible for oversight must be able to assess how effectively Fermilab is implementing ISM, ISSM, QA Program (QAP), Assurance Systems and other contractual requirements in the performance of work. Consequently, FSO personnel must maintain an awareness of Laboratory programs, operations, activities, and management systems including contracting and administration of the contract. Achieving this broad awareness necessitates on-going interaction with Laboratory management and with support and technical staff at all levels.

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