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Scientific Data Management, Analysis and Visualization at Extreme Scale 2.pdf file (347KB)
Announcement Number:
LAB 14-1043
Close Date:
April 2, 2014
Notes: Page 25 edited to add “and each senior/key person.”
APPENDIX 1: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Provide a biographical sketch for the project director/principal investigator (PD/PI) and each senior/key person.
Amendment 3 Issue Date: 03/18/2014 (Lab Announcement only)
Pre-Proposal Due Date: 02/07/2014 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time
A Pre-Proposal is required
Exploratory Research for Extreme-Scale Science.pdf file (282KB)
Announcement Number:
LAB 14-1003
Close Date:
February 28, 2014
Notes: Pre-proposals required: Due 12/3/2013
Early Career Research Program.pdf file (375KB)
Announcement Number:
LAB 13-958
Close Date:
November 19, 2013
Notes: Pre-proposals required: Due 9/5/2013
Mathematical and Statistical Methodologies for DOE Data-Centric Science at Scale .pdf file (206KB)
Announcement Number:
LAB 13-918
Close Date:
July 9, 2013
Notes: Pre-proposals required: Due 6/3/2013
Uncertainty Quantification Methodologies for Enabling Extreme-Scale Science .pdf file (233KB)
Announcement Number:
LAB 13-895
Close Date:
May 24, 2013
Notes: Amended: Revised submission information for PAMS included
Big Data-Aware Terabits Networking .pdf file (213KB)
Announcement Number:
LAB 13-883
Close Date:
April 19, 2013
2013 Exascale Operating and Runtime Systems .pdf file (283KB)
Announcement Number:
LAB 13-02
Close Date:
February 25, 2013
Notes: REVISED 2/5/2013: New due date: 2/25/2013
Early Career Research Program .pdf file (240KB)
Announcement Number:
LAB 12-751
Close Date:
November 26, 2012
Notes: Pre-proposals are required: Due September 6, 2012
Research, Development and Training in Isotope Production .pdf file (66KB)
Announcement Number:
LAB 12-743
Close Date:
October 5, 2012
Notes: Amended: Proposal Due Date has been changed to October 5, 2012.
Collaborative Research in Magnetic Fusion Energy Sciences on the National Spherical Torus Experiment Upgrade .pdf file (129KB)
Announcement Number:
LAB 12-03
Close Date:
October 3, 2012
Notes: Amended: Due date for proposals has been changed to October 3, 2012

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