High energy physics explores questions about the elementary constituents of matter and energy, the interactions between them, and the nature of space and time. The Office of High Energy Physics (HEP) advances its mission through a program that advances three frontiers of experimental scientific discovery and related efforts in theory while supporting the research and development of enabling technologies. HEP also hosts the Accelerator Stewardship program, which fosters advancements in basic particle accelerator science and technology with broad applicability.

Recent News & Announcements

President Barack Obama talks with the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) recipients. 

Sean Hartnoll receives Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and EngineersExternal link

Sean Hartnoll (Stanford University) was among those honored at the White House as recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) for his innovative interdisciplinary research in high energy string theory applied to condensed matter physics.Read MoreExternal link

Sloan Digital Sky Survey 

Ten things you might not know about particle accelerators

From accelerators unexpectedly beneath your feet to a ferret that once cleaned accelerator components, Symmetry shares some lesser-known facts about particle accelerators.Read MoreExternal link

Illustration of the new SDSS measurement of the expansion of the distant universe (artist's conception, not to scale). 

Astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Make the Most Precise Measurement Yet of the Expanding UniverseExternal link 

Researchers at Brookhaven and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories contribute to a new view showing the universe just before dark energy should have kicked in..Read MoreExternal link

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