High energy physics explores questions about the elementary constituents of matter and energy, the interactions between them, and the nature of space and time. The Office of High Energy Physics (HEP) advances its mission through a program that advances three frontiers of experimental scientific discovery and related efforts in theory while supporting the research and development of enabling technologies. HEP also hosts the Accelerator Stewardship program, which fosters advancements in basic particle accelerator science and technology with broad applicability.

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Particle Beam Cancer Therapy: The Promise and Challenges

Particle Beam Cancer Therapy: The Promise and ChallengesExternal link

Advances in accelerators built for fundamental physics research have inspired improved cancer treatment facilities. But will one of the most promising—a carbon ion treatment facility—be built in the U.S.? .Read MoreExternal link

NOvA Experiment Sees First Long-distance Neutrinos

The Higgs hits the big screenExternal link

The critically acclaimed documentary, Particle Fever, shows the human element of physics as it documents the successes and setbacks in “the planet’s most significant and inspiring scientific breakthrough,” the discovery of the Higgs boson. Read MoreExternal link

A night photo of Fermilab’s Tevatron collider

Scientists Complete the Top Quark PuzzleExternal link

Fermilab researchers have finished a portrait of one of the universe’s fundamental particles.Read MoreExternal link

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