Peer Merit / Review Policies

Conflict of Interest

If you have any affiliation with, or any personal or financial connection to, the person or institution submitting this research proposal that might be construed as creating a conflict of interest, please contact the Department of Energy (DOE) Program Manager before proceeding further with your review. The general standard for judging whether a conflict of interest situation exists is whether a reasonable person with knowledge of all the relevant facts would have reason to question your impartiality in the matter. If you know that you have a conflict of interest, please advise us and destroy the research proposal and any information leading to it promptly. We assume that you have no conflict of interest if you proceed with the review. Do not contact the principal investigator concerning any aspect of the proposal. Upon completion of the review, please destroy any copies of the research proposal you may have made.

Last modified: 3/18/2013 10:33:27 AM