Comparative Review

The annual HEP Comparative Review solicitation is for new proposals that are in direct support of research. For more information and access to the current Comparative Review FOA, please go to the HEP Funding Opportunities web page.

It is strongly recommended that all new and renewal HEP proposals formerly submitted to the Annual Solicitation be now submitted to HEP's then current Comparative Review FOA. Note that this solicitation is not open year round. Exceptions are conference proposals. These should be submitted through the Annual Solicitation as new proposals. See Conference Guidelines.

Revised Budget and Revised Budget Justification:

Often a Principle Investigator (PI) is asked to submit a revised budget and a revised budget explanation after a new or renewal application has been approved for an award. Click on the following links to access instructions, the revised budget form, and the budget justification form. These are fillable *.pdf forms:

Revised Budget Instructions.pdf file (84KB) 

Revised Budget Form.pdf file (147KB)  

Budget Explanation.pdf file (92KB) 

When submitting these documents, one of two scenarios applies:

  • If the proposal consists of a research thrust in a single research area, such as Accelerator Science or HEP Theory, then complete and submit the revised budget and budget explanation forms. A revised budget should be submitted for each year of the grant, along with a cumulative budget for the entire grant. The budget explanation should address the cumulative budget as an explanation is not required for each year.
  • If the proposal spans more than one research thrust in more than one research area, for example HEP Theory and accelerator-based experimental research, then DO NOT submit separate budgets for each task as was done in the initial application. Rather, submit a summary budget for each year of the grant, along with a cumulative budget for the entire span of the grant. The PI, at his discretion or at the request of the Program Manager, may append revised budget forms with each task broken out. Don't forget to submit the cumulative budget explanation as well.
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