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Dark Matter 08.19.14SCIENCE HEADLINES

Five Reasons We Think Dark Matter ExistsExternal link

Any recent article about the remaining mysteries of the Universe will include dark matter close to the very top of the list of unsolved problems. What is it? Where is it? And if it’s there, how do we measure it? Read More »

Dark Energy Survey 08.19.14SCIENCE HEADLINES

Dark Energy Survey kicks off second season cataloging the wonders of deep spaceExternal link

The survey’s five-year mission is to unravel the fundamental mystery of dark energy and its impact on our universe. Read More »

Electro Magnet 08.04.14SCIENCE HEADLINES

Giant Electromagnet Moves to Permanent Home at FermilabExternal link

A giant but delicate electromagnet has finally moved into its custom-made home in Illinois, a year after completing a cautious voyage from New York over land and sea. Read More »

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