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Sloan Digital Sky Survey 04.15.14SCIENCE HEADLINES

Ten things you might not know about particle acceleratorsExternal link

From accelerators unexpectedly beneath your feet to a ferret that once cleaned accelerator components, Symmetry shares some lesser-known facts about particle accelerators. Read More »

Illustration of the new SDSS measurement of the expansion of the distant universe (artist's conception, not to scale). 04.07.14FROM THE LABS

Astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Make the Most Precise Measurement Yet of the Expanding UniverseExternal link

Researchers at Brookhaven and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories contribute to a new view showing the universe just before dark energy began to dominate its expansion. Read More »

LHC Tevatron 03.21.14FROM THE LABS

International team of LHC and Tevatron scientists announces first joint resultExternal link

The new world’s best value for the mass of the top quark is a joint finding from four experiments—ATLAS, CDF, CMS and DZero—that together include more than six thousand scientists from over 50 countries Read More »

Confirming Cosmic Inflation 03.21.14FROM THE LABS

SLAC, Stanford Scientists Play Key Roles in Confirming Cosmic InflationExternal link

Two scientists at Stanford University and SLAC made key contributions to the discovery of direct evidence for cosmic inflation – the rapid expansion of the universe in the first instant after the Big Bang. Read More »

Particle Physics Centers 03.18.14SCIENCE HEADLINES

Particle physics in the United StatesExternal link

More than 150 US universities and laboratories are engaged in particle physics research and technology innovation, playing important roles in the Higgs boson and cosmic inflation discoveries—and the many more revelations still to come. Read More »

Particle Beam Cancer Therapy 03.10.14FEATURED ARTICLE

Particle Beam Cancer Therapy: The Promise and ChallengesExternal link

Advances in accelerators built for fundamental physics research have inspired improved cancer treatment facilities. But will one of the most promising—a carbon ion treatment facility—be built in the U.S.? Read More »

A night photo of Fermilab’s Tevatron collider. 02.24.14FROM THE LABS

Scientists Complete the Top Quark PuzzleExternal link

Fermilab researchers have finished a portrait of one of the universe’s fundamental particles. Read More »

NOvA experiment sees first long-distance neutrinos 02.11.14PRESS RELEASE

NOvA Experiment Sees First Long-distance NeutrinosExternal link

Scientists on the world’s longest-distance neutrino experiment announced today that they have seen their first neutrinos. Read More »

02.06.14Science Headlines

Chandrashekhar Joshi Elected to National Academy of EngineeringExternal link

Chandrashekhar Joshi, distinguished professor of electrical engineering at UCLA, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering for his contributions to the development of laser- and beam-driven plasma accelerators. Read More »

Watch NOvA Come Together 01.30.14FROM THE LABS

Watch NOvA Come TogetherExternal link

A video from Fermilab highlights some of the many steps needed to build the largest neutrino experiment in the United States. Read More »

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