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Dark Matter Experiments 07.11.14News

US reveals its next generation of dark matter experimentsExternal link

The Department of Energy and National Science Foundation will back the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search-SNOLAB, or SuperCDMS; the LUX-Zeplin experiment, or LZ; and the next iteration of the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment, ADMX-Gen2. Read More »


Next Generation of Direct Detection Dark Matter Experiments Announced

The DOE Office of High Energy Physics and the NSF Physics Division have jointly selected a portfolio of projects for the “second generation” of direct detection dark matter experiments. Read More »

MicroBooNE 06.27.14LAB

Massive neutrino detector moved into placeExternal link

The 30-ton MicroBooNE detector, the cornerstone of Fermilab’s short-baseline neutrino program, will see neutrinos this year. Read More »


MINOS result narrows field for sterile neutrinosExternal link

Data collected at the long-running MINOS experiment stacks evidence against the existence of these theoretical particles. Read More »

New Heart for Atlas 06.03.14PRESS RELEASE

A new heart for the ATLAS detectorExternal link

US scientists collaborated with an international team to install a new component in the core of the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. Read More »


Six Earn 2014 Early Career Awards in High Energy Physics

The 2014 Early Career Award recipients include: Eric Dahl (Northwestern University), Peter Graham (Stanford University), Anna Grassellino (Fermilab), James Hirschauer (Fermilab), Stephanie Majewski (University of Oregon), and Xin Qian (Brookhaven National Laboratory). Read More »

Cosmos Connection 04.29.14SCIENCE HEADLINES

The ‘Cosmos’ connectionExternal link

Science is no longer the wallflower who doesn’t get asked to the dance, writes physicist Glen Crawford in an essay about science outreach past and present. Read More »

President Barack Obama talks with the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) recipients. 04.15.14SCIENCE HEADLINES

Sean Hartnoll receives Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and EngineersExternal link

Sean Hartnoll (Stanford University) was among those honored at the White House as recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) for his innovative interdisciplinary research in high energy string theory applied to condensed matter physics. Read More »

Sloan Digital Sky Survey 04.15.14SCIENCE HEADLINES

Ten things you might not know about particle acceleratorsExternal link

From accelerators unexpectedly beneath your feet to a ferret that once cleaned accelerator components, Symmetry shares some lesser-known facts about particle accelerators. Read More »

Illustration of the new SDSS measurement of the expansion of the distant universe (artist's conception, not to scale). 04.07.14FROM THE LABS

Astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Make the Most Precise Measurement Yet of the Expanding UniverseExternal link

Researchers at Brookhaven and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories contribute to a new view showing the universe just before dark energy began to dominate its expansion. Read More »

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