The field of high energy physics is guided by intertwined science drivers to explore the elementary constituents of matter and energy, the interactions between them, and the nature of space and time. The Office of High Energy Physics (HEP) executes its mission through a program that advances three frontiers of experimental scientific discovery and related efforts in theory and computing. HEP develops new accelerator, detector and computational tools to enable the science, and through Accelerator Stewardship works to make accelerator technology widely available to science and industry.

Energy Frontier
Theoretical Physics
Intensity Frontier
Advanced Technology
Cosmic Frontier
Accelerator Stewardship

Recent News

Antimatter Catches a Wave at SLAC

Antimatter Catches a Wave at SLACExternal link

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NOvA Experiment Announces First Results

NOvA Experiment Announces First ResultsExternal link

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Fermilab’s flagship accelerator sets world record

Fermilab’s flagship accelerator sets world recordExternal link

Most powerful high-energy particle beam for a neutrino experiment ever generated Read MoreExternal link

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