Performance Management and Awards:

OHRA administers and advises on the systematic process by which the Office of Science involves its employees, as individuals and members of a group, in improving organizational effectiveness against the accomplishment of agency mission and goals. This process involves management in planning work and setting expectations; continually monitoring performance; developing employees’ capacity to perform; rating performance on a regular basis and rewarding good performance.

Employee Development and Training:

We administer the Training Program for the Office of Science Headquarters components, working with leadership to assess the training and developmental needs of staff and providing information on current course offerings, seminars and conferences. Also tracks and facilitates mandatory training requirements accessed via the online learning center.

Strategic Space Planning:

OHRA works with the Office of Science leadership advising on strategic space management for maximum utilization of Office of Science space. With minimal disruption to the organization, OHRA creates the most effective use of ever limited space within the Office of Science Headquarters space assets.

Administrative Services:

OHRA provides guidance and assistance in the following areas: securing temporary services through contracts; Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests; employee separation guidance upon resignation/retirement/removal; and Telework.

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