Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Berkeley Site Office CX Determinations

Categorical Exclusion Determination Documents (CX Determinations): *

Determination Date Name of Action: Description Categorical Exclusion NumberExternal link
11/19/2012 Replacement Removal and Closure of Underground Storage Tanks USTs.pdf file (2.9MB) B2.5; B6.1
11/19/2012 Removing Items or Materials Containing Polychlorinated Biphenyls PCBs.pdf file (2.5MB) B1.17
11/19/2012 Personnel Safety Enhancements.pdf file (2.5MB) B2.3; B2.5
11/19/2012 Maintenance Activities.pdf file (2.9MB) B1.3; B1.27; B2.1; B2.2; B2.3; B5.1
11/19/2012 Fire Protection Upgrades.pdf file (2.5MB) B1.2; B1.3; B2.2
11/19/2012 Dike Construction and Modifications.pdf file (2.4MB) B1.6
11/19/2012 Deactivation of Facilities.pdf file (2.4MB) B1.27; B1.28
11/19/2012 Cooperative Research and Development Agreement CRADA Activities.pdf file (2.4MB) B3.6; B3.10; B3.11
11/19/2012 Communications Computing and Data Processing Activities.pdf file (2.7MB) B1.7; B4.7
11/19/2012 Closure Activities Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act RCRA.pdf file (3.4MB) B1.28
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