Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Princeton Site Office CX Determinations

Note: ARRA is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Funded Projects.

Categorical Exclusion Determination Documents (CX Determinations): *

Determination Date Name of Action: Description Categorical Exclusion NumberExternal link
08/28/2014 Science Laboratory Infrastructure (SLI) #1: Renovation of the C-Site MG Building, LSB Annex, Engineering Wing, and RESA, and the Demolition of MOD V .pdf file (158KB) B1.15, B1.16, B1.23, B1.31, B2.1
01/27/2014 Generic Categorical Exclusion Bench Scale Research Projects and Conventional Laboratory Operations.pdf file (548KB) various
01/27/2014 Generic Categoric Exclusion Routine Maintenance Activities.pdf file (834KB) various
02/11/2013 Science and Technology Support Infrastructure (STSI) Activity.pdf file (630KB) B3.6; B1.16; B1.23
08/16/2012 ITER Port Plug Test Facility (PPTF).pdf file (667KB) B3.6
06/04/2010 Plasma Based Nanotechnology Research and Development Laboratory.pdf file (1.2MB) B3.6
05/04/2010 STS-100 Test Stand Experiment.pdf file (2.1MB) B3.6
02/08/2010 Infrastructure Improvements for General Plasma Science (GPS) User Facilities.pdf file (3.8MB) B3.6
02/04/2010 Removal of C-Site Motor Generator Equipment.pdf file (4.9MB) B1.16; B1.23
01/25/2010 Infrastructure Improvements for Innovative Confinement Concept (ICC) Experiments with ARRA Funding.pdf file (6.9MB) B3.13
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