Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H)

Environment, Safety and Health is a vital component within the ISC that helps Office of Science’s line managers perform their responsibilities, while protecting the Department’s assets and resources. The ISC assists management and ensures environment, safety, and health performance expectations are met as employees complete work. Because of this, the ISC maintains a diverse cadre of subject matter experts to ensure work is accomplished with the greatest dedication to protecting the environment and employee safety.

Functional areas supported include environmental protection, construction safety, accident investigation, fire protection, industrial hygiene, industrial safety, integrated safety management, occupational medicine, Federal Occupational Safety and Health, nuclear and accelerator safety, radiological protection, packaging and transportation, and waste management.

In addition to countless professional certifications, the ISC is staffed with environment, safety, and health professionals who hold DOE Technical Qualification Program certifications in aviation safety, civil and structural engineering, construction management, criticality safety, environmental compliance, environmental restoration, facility maintenance, fire protection, industrial hygiene, mechanical systems, nuclear safety, occupational safety, radiation protection, safety systems oversight, transportation and traffic management, and waste management.

Primary Points of Contact (POCs)

Federal Subject Matter Experts Supporting Site Offices

Site Office Name/Phone
Ames Site Office (AMSO) Eric Dallmann, (630) 252-3340
Argonne Site Office (ASO) Karl Moro, (630) 252-2065
Berkeley Site Office (BSO) David Allen, (865) 242-2286
Brookhaven Site Office (BHSO) Karl Moro, (630) 252-2065
Fermi Site Office (FSO) Karl Moro, (630) 252-2065
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Site Office (OSO) David Allen, (865) 242-2286
Pacific Northwest Site Office (PNSO) Karl Moro, (630) 252-2065
Princeton Site Office (PSO) Karl Moro, (630) 252-2065
SLAC Site Office (SSO) David Allen, (865) 242-2286
Thomas Jefferson Site Office (TJSO) David Allen, (865) 242-2286
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