Ames Laboratory

Ames Laboratory 



Argonne National Laboratory 



Brookhaven National Laboratory 


Fermilab Wilson Hall

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 


ORNL Campus

Oak Ridge National Laboratory 



Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 


PPPL Place

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory 


SLAC Linear Accelerator

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 


Aerial view of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility  


Ultra Trace Laboratory

Construction of the Physical Sciences facility at PNNL. 

 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

The Office of Science Laboratories

The Office of Science is the steward of 10 of the 17 DOE laboratories; these 10 laboratories provide essential support to the missions of the SC science programs:

The following federal offices directly support the Office of Science’s stewardship responsibilities:

Laboratory Policy and Evaluation

The Office of Laboratory Policy and Evaluation (LPE) develops uniform Office of Science-specific policies related to the management, operation, and overall well-being of the ten Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science (SC) national laboratories and ensures their effective and consistent implementation across the SC complex. LPE manages the competition and performance evaluation of the laboratory management and operating contracts.

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Safety, Security, and Infrastructure

The Office of Safety, Security and Infrastructure (SSI) fosters safe and responsible operations at each of the ten Office of Science laboratories and ensures each has the sustainable infrastructure required to ensure ongoing world leadership in basic scientific research.

SSI provides program management, operational support and analysis, and planning and policy execution in the areas of:

  • laboratory modernization;
  • facilities and infrastructure;
  • safeguards and security;
  • cyber security; and
  • environment, safety, and health.

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The DOE Laboratory System

Together, the 17 DOE laboratories comprise a preeminent federal research system, providing the Nation with strategic scientific and technological capabilities. The laboratories:

  • Execute long-term government scientific and technological missions, often with complex security, safety, project management, or other operational challenges;
  • Develop unique, often multidisciplinary, scientific capabilities beyond the scope of academic and industrial institutions, to benefit the Nation’s researchers and national strategic priorities; and
  • Develop and sustain critical scientific and technical capabilities to which the government requires assured access.

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