The E.O. Lawrence Award honors mid-career scientists for their exceptional contributions in research and development in support of the Department of Energy.

On May 21, 2012 Secretary of Energy Steve Chu presented the award to nine distinguished scientists:

  • Riccardo Betti in Fusion and Plasma Sciences
  • Paul C. Canfield in Condensed Matter and Materials Sciences
  • Mark B. Chadwick in National Security and Nonproliferation
  • David E. Chavez in Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Sciences
  • Amit Goyal in Energy Science and Innovation
  • Thomas P. Guilderson in Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Lois Curfman McInnes in Computer, Information, and Knowledge Sciences
  • Bernard Matthew Poelker in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
  • Barry F. Smith in Computer, Information, and Knowledge Sciences

Be sure to check back for pictures of the event.

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