Announcing the NBL Program Office
February 23, 2016


For some time, New Brunswick Laboratory (NBL) has struggled to produce new, and ship existing, nuclear reference materials.  The cost and effort required to maintain a compliant nuclear facility as a stand-alone operation in a large and aging building is simply not sustainable.  To address these issues, the Department of Energy’s Office of Science is adopting a new business model to continue NBL’s vital mission to produce, sell, and deliver certified nuclear reference materials (CRMs) in a more efficient, effective and sustainable manner.

Effective May 15, 2016, the Office of Science is reorganizing New Brunswick Laboratory, resulting in a new NBL Program Office that is independent of the facility and focused entirely on mission performance and managing the CRM production program.  Another new organization will be tasked to address the legacy materials remaining in the current laboratory building, distribute existing CRMs at the program’s request, and assist in ultimately relocating the NBL material inventory to appropriate locations within the DOE complex. 

The new NBL Program Office will continue NBL’s core mission elements:  overseeing production and distribution of reference materials, certifying reference materials, re-establishing the measurement evaluation program, and providing technical support to DOE and other organizations in areas related to reference materials and measurement quality. 

In order to fulfill its mission, the NBL Program Office will work closely with DOE and other agencies to identify critical needs and develop long-term program plans.  An Interagency Working Group will be formed, composed of DOE and other US government stakeholders, in order to provide the Program Office with strategic guidance and long-term planning.  The NBL Program Office will also continue to work closely with the DOE national laboratories.  Technical Working Groups, composed of DOE contractor and other technical experts, will be formed as needed to address particular technical challenges related to reference material production and needs. 

The new NBL Program Office will be formally established on May 15th.  We will be gradually increasing the rate of CRM deliveries over the coming months.  For those that have been waiting, we sincerely apologize for the delay and rest assured we are working hard to meet customer needs. 

The Department recognizes that the NBL Program Office mission is vital.  This effort will preserve NBL’s high technical standards, enable improved CRM project planning and execution, and ensure reliable delivery of materials and services in support of our customers needs. 

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The New Brunswick Laboratory (NBL) is a Government-owned, Government-operated center of excellence in the measurement science of nuclear materials. NBL is the U.S. Government's Nuclear Materials Measurements and Reference Materials Laboratory and the National Certifying Authority for nuclear reference materials and measurement calibration standards. As an internationally recognized Federal laboratory, NBL provides reference materials, measurement and interlaboratory measurement evaluation services, and technical expertise for evaluating measurement methods and safeguards measures in use at other facilities for a variety of Federal program sponsors and customers. NBL functions as a Network Laboratory for the (IAEA).

NBL is located, as a Federal enclave, on the site of Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)External link about 40 kilometers (25 miles) southwest of Chicago, Illinois. Leadership of the NBL are accountable to the Argonne Site Office (ASO) Manager.

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