Measurement Evaluation

NBL manages interlaboratory measurement evaluation programs to provide independent validation of facility nuclear material measurement quality/capabilities. The program includes preparation, characterization, packaging and distribution of samples to participating laboratories. The receipt, recording, statistical evaluation and reporting of the measurement data from the participating laboratories are the products of the Program. Historically, the Laboratory has conducted interlaboratory measurement comparison programs involving more than 50 laboratories from more than 15 countries, providing independent oversight of the effectiveness of measurement systems used for safeguards materials accountability and of the quality of measured values. Specific evaluation programs have also involved the preparation of materials and evaluation of analyses by commercial analytical laboratories, in establishing control programs for U-235 in fuel loadings. The following materials are typically available for the indicated analyses:

  • Uranyl nitrate solutions for U concentration
  • Uranyl nitrate solutions for 235U enrichment
  • UO2 pellets for U concentration and enrichment
  • UO3 powder for U concentration
  • UF6 (normal or low-enriched) solid for U concentration
  • UF6 (low-enriched) solid for 235U enrichment
  • Plutonium sulfate for isotopic abundances and IDMS

Most laboratories perform analyses on a quarterly or semi-annual frequency. There are no charges to Department of Energy laboratories. Non-DOE laboratories may participate on a cost-recovery basis.

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