New Brunswick Laboratory’s specialization is in analytical and radiochemistry1 and nuclear materials measurement, which extends into various applications (e.g. nuclear forensics2, safeguards) and experimental techniques. This expertise, in conjunction with the Laboratory’s location, available materials and equipment, and existing staff possessing teaching and laboratory experience, places NBL in a unique position to respond to some of the nation’s key human capital development needs.

In order to meet anticipated needs for well-trained personnel to manage and perform nuclear analytical measurements, NBL is collaborating with the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)External link, to develop the following domestic and international programs that will provide training in a safe manner using mock solutions or small quantities of nuclear material:

  • Postgraduate Research Program - The Postgraduate Research Program is a high-intensity program, designed to not only identify recent masters and doctoral graduates of high promise, but to continue developing advanced skills within those graduates. The program provides critical interaction with NBL principal investigators, who serve as mentors, affording postgraduate researchers a unique opportunity to define and structure their investigations, to establish a research paradigm, and to publish results—all critical skills needed to become independent scientists or engineers.
  • Internship Program - The Internship Program is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students and recent recipients of bachelor’s degrees to gain real world experience through hands-on work on scientific and technical projects. Participants will gain not only an understanding of the fundamental basis of radiochemistry, but also an understanding of the structure of a government agency (DOE) and those functions of the agency that are integral to the operation and administration of the United States Nuclear Measurement System.

Additionally, New Brunswick is pleased to open its facility to other DOE national laboratories for the purposes of hands-on training. NBL also supports several subcommittees of the National Analytical Management Program (NAMP)External link, including the subcommittee for Education and Training.

For more information on the training programs offered at NBL, contact

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