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08.22.16From the Labs

How to Keep the Superhot Plasma Inside Tokamaks from ChirpingExternal link

Using computer simulations at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, researchers discovered conditions that explains the phenomenon of chirping – a wave in plasma that breaks from a single note into rapidly changing notes - and may help to optimize the design of fusion energy plants in the future. Read More »

Rice University 08.22.16University Research

Light and Matter Merge in Quantum CouplingExternal link

Rice University physicists probe photon-electron interactions in vacuum cavity experiments which could help advance technologies like quantum computers and communications by revealing new phenomena to those who study cavity quantum electrodynamics and condensed matter physics. Read More »

Scripps Research Institute 08.22.16University Research

Scripps Florida Study Finds 'Missing Evolutionary Link' of a Widely Used Natural Drug SourceExternal link

A study from scientists on the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) has now filled in a missing piece of the evolutionary puzzle, determining a previously unknown structure of a family of proteins that are key to making these compounds. Read More »


Graduate Student Eric Metodiev Finds Freedom and His Voice in PhysicsExternal link

Under the mentorship of Bill Morse in the Physics Department, Metodiev has worked for the past four years on the Muon g-2 experiment, studying the properties of muons, tiny subatomic particles that exist for only 2.2 millionths of a second. Read More »

Improved Tests of the Weak Nuclear Force from Beta Decay08.19.16Science Highlight

Improved Tests of the Weak Nuclear Force from Beta Decay

Studies of the neutrinos emitted in the radioactive decay of nuclei held in an ion trap allow sensitive searches for new interactions.

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Breathable and Stretchable Protein Wafers08.19.16Science Highlight

Breathable and Stretchable Protein Wafers

A simple chemical bonding approach enables assembly of very thin porous protein crystals that are bendable and adaptive—requirements for flexible electronics or batteries.

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Fast and Furious Bucket Brigade08.19.16Science Highlight

Fast and Furious Bucket Brigade

Confining water in tiny straws confirms predicted rapid transport of protons along a water “wire”—vital for more efficient fuel cells.

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Brown University 08.19.16University Research

Study Shows How Mutations Disrupt ALS-Linked ProteinExternal link

New research explains how the protein TDP43 normally concentrates into droplets and how ALS-related mutations disrupt that, leading to them to form more problematic aggregates that afflict cells. Read More »

University California Riverside 08.19.16University Research

Nuclear Puzzle May Be Clue to Fifth ForceExternal link

In a new paper, University of California, Riverside theoretical physicist Flip Tanedo and his collaborators have made new progress towards unravelling a mystery in the beryllium nucleus that may be evidence for a fifth force of nature. Read More »

University California Santa Barbara 08.19.16University Research

A Rare Iodine Polymer Discovery is Key to Starch-Iodine MysteryExternal link

In the pursuit of a new class of photovoltaic materials, UC Santa Barbara researchers used Raman spectroscopy to study the crystalline structure of polyiodide chains. Read More »

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