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Time-Lapse Analysis Offers New Look at How Cells Repair DNA DamageExternal link

Scientists from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have developed a computerized way to measure DNA repair in thousands of human mammary epithelial cells before and after they’re exposed to ionizing radiation. Read More »


Gaming Computers Offer Huge, Untapped Energy Savings PotentialExternal link

Berkeley Lab energy analysis finds gaming computers consume $10 billion in electricity per year. Read More »

University of Nebraska-Lincoln 09.01.15University Research

Fuchs Leads First Team to Observe X-Ray PhenomenonExternal link

Using an enormous X-ray laser — one of only two such machines on Earth — UNL physicist Matthias Fuchs and other scientists from around the world beat formidable odds to observe one of the most fundamental interactions between X-rays and matter. Read More »

Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider's PHENIX detector. 09.01.15FROM THE LABS

Tiny Drops of Early Universe 'Perfect' FluidExternal link

First results from collisions of three-particle ions with gold nuclei reveal clear-cut evidence of primordial soup's signature particle flow. Read More »

Louisiana State University 09.01.15University Research

New Material Science Research May Advance Tech ToolsExternal link

Researchers from LSU, Fudan University, the University of Florida and the Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced Microstructures in Nanjing, China, conducted research on materials that separate into different regions through a process called electronic phase separation, which is poorly understood. Read More »

Columbia University 08.31.15University Research

Columbia Engineers Develop New Approach to Modeling Amazon Seasonal CyclesExternal link

Columbia engineers have developed a new approach to modeling which will improve understanding of the impact of deforestation and climate change on the Amazon basin. Read More »


NERSC Accelerates Scientific Analysis with SCIDBExternal link

Through SciDB – an open source database system designed to store and analyze extremely large array-structured data – scientists are making better use of the vast flows of information coming in on topics such as astronomy, climate and biology. Read More »

University of Maryland 08.31.15University Research

Evidence Suggests Subatomic Particles Could Defy the Standard ModelExternal link

Physicists from the University of Maryland working on a team at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider finds hints of leptons decaying at rates not predicted by standard physics. Read More »


Four Brookhaven Lab Projects Selected as R&D 100 Award FinalistsExternal link

Four Brookhaven National Laboratory projects have been selected as finalists for the 2015 R&D 100 awards, which honor the top 100 proven technological advances of the past year as determined by a panel selected by R&D Magazine. Read More »


Two Great Catalysts that Work Great TogetherExternal link

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis have discovered that a combination of two simple, inexpensive, metal-free catalysts can approach the efficiency of the platinum catalyst in conventional fuel cells. Read More »

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