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Chicago University 09.04.15University Research

Microscopic Animals Inspire Innovative Glass ResearchExternal link

Inspired by water bears, researchers at the University of Chicago have created glasses where there is some well-defined organization, as well as the origin of that organization. Read More »


Nailing Down the Jet StreamExternal link

A team of scientists led by PNNL has developed a mathematical framework that provides guidance to how global climate models can more accurately simulate the behavior of the all-important jet stream. Read More »

University California Berkeley 09.04.15University Research

CT Scan of Earth Links Deep Mantle Plumes with Volcanic HotspotsExternal link

University of California, Berkeley, seismologists have produced for the first time a sharp, three-dimensional scan of Earth’s interior that conclusively connects plumes of hot rock rising through the mantle with surface hotspots that generate volcanic island chains like Hawaii, Samoa and Iceland. Read More »

University of Kansas 09.04.15University Research

‘Littlest’ Quark-Gluon Plasma Revealed by Physicists Using Large Hadron ColliderExternal link

Researchers at the University of Kansas working with an international team at the Large Hadron Collider have produced quark-gluon plasma — a state of matter thought to have existed right at the birth of the universe — with fewer particles than previously thought possible. Read More »

Carnegie Institution for Science 09.03.15University Research

A Distant Planet’s Interior Chemistry May Differ From Our OwnExternal link

New work from a team including three Carnegie scientists demonstrates that different magnesium compounds could be abundant inside other planets as compared to Earth. Read More »

University of Maryland 09.03.15University Research

First Global Antineutrino Emission Map Highlights Earth’s Energy BudgetExternal link

Map created by a team of researchers including those at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the University of Maryland and the University of Hawaii, should be useful in providing a picture of the Earth’s radioactivity and revealing processes within the lower crust and mantle. Read More »


ORNL-Developed Building Efficiency Software Now AvailableExternal link

A set of automated calibration techniques for tuning residential and commercial building energy efficiency software models to match measured data is now available as an open source code. Read More »

University of William & Mary 09.03.15University Research

Faculty and Students Work on “Ghost Particle” ExperimentExternal link

William and Mary researchers are studying the mysteries of ghost particles known as neutrinos through the NOvA experiment, which is managed by DOE’s Fermilab. Read More »


Please Do Spill the OxygenExternal link

Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Karl-Franzens University in Austria show how clusters funnel atoms to create oxygen pools that benefit biofuels, fuel cells, and sensors. Read More »


Making Fuel From Light: Argonne Research Sheds Light on Photosynthesis and Creation of Solar FuelExternal link

Recent experiments at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have afforded researchers a greater understanding of how to manipulate photosynthesis, putting humankind one step closer to harvesting “solar fuel,” a clean energy source that could one day help replace coal and natural gas. Read More »

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