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New Mathematics08.26.16Science Highlight

New Math Captures Fluids in Unprecedented Detail

New approach could benefit applications as diverse as propeller and printers.

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Florida State University 08.26.16University Research

FSU Chemistry Professor Explores Outer Regions of Periodic TableExternal link

Florida State University Professor Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt captures the fundamental chemistry of the element berkelium, or Bk on the periodic table. Read More »

Utah State University 08.26.16University Research

USU Biochemists Describe Light-Driven Conversion of CO2 to FuelExternal link

By way of a light-driven bacterium, Utah State University biochemists are a step closer to cleanly converting harmful carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion into usable fuels. Read More »

University of Texas Arlington 08.26.16University Research

UTA Physicists to Upgrade Titan Supercomputer Software for Extreme Scale Applications Such as Biology and Materials Science SimulationsExternal link

Physicists at The University of Texas at Arlington have been awarded a new $1.06 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to upgrade the software that runs on the Titan supercomputer at Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility in Tennessee to support extremely data-heavy scientific applications such as advanced biology and materials science simulations. Read More »

Defects, Electrons, and a Long-Standing Controversy08.24.16Science Highlight

Defects, Electrons, and a Long-Standing Controversy

Scientists explain diverse results around a material that is both insulator and conductor and offer chemical roadmap to harness it.

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08.24.16User Facility

PPPL and Princeton Help Lead a New Center to Understand and Mitigate Runaway Electrons that Pose a Challenge for ITERExternal link

Researchers from nine U.S. universities and national laboratories are working together to explore the causes and solutions for runaway electrons, which travel at nearly the speed of light and could damage the interior walls of future tokamaks. Read More »

MIT University 08.24.16University Research

Study Reveals New Physics of How Fluids Flow in Porous MediaExternal link

Lab experiments carried out by an MIT and Oxford University team provide detailed information about how a liquid moves through spaces in a porous material, revealing the key role of a characteristic called wettability. Read More »

North Carolina State University 08.24.16University Research

New Approach to Determining How Atoms Are Arranged in MaterialsExternal link

Researchers from North Carolina State University, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed a novel approach to materials characterization, using Bayesian statistical methods to glean new insights into the structure of materials. Read More »

08.24.16From the Labs

Neutrino Experiments Utilize ORNL Experts, Equipment to Explore the UnknownExternal link

Three large neutrino experiments – PROSPECT and COHERENT, both based at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, and the Majorana Collaboration based at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in South Dakota – are gearing up with researchers from many institutions to advance our understanding of neutrino physics. Read More »

MIT University 08.24.16University Research

Sponge Creates Steam Using Ambient SunlightExternal link

MIT engineers have invented a bubble-wrapped, sponge-like device that soaks up natural sunlight and heats water to boiling temperatures, generating steam through its pores. Read More »

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