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Brookhaven researchers Sergei Maslov (left) and Alexi Tkachenko developed a theoretical model to explain molecular self-replication. 07.28.15FROM THE LABS

New Computer Model Could Explain how Simple Molecules Took First Step Toward LifeExternal link

Two Brookhaven researchers developed theoretical model to explain the origins of self-replicating molecules. Read More »


Oxygen: Not at All RandomExternal link

Corrosion follows a different path when it comes to uranium dioxide, the primary component of the rods that power nuclear reactors, according to a new study by scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University of Chicago, and the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource. Read More »

University of Pennsylvania 07.28.15University Research

Penn Researchers Discover New Chiral Property of Silicon, With Photonic ApplicationsExternal link

By demonstrating a silicon-based photonic device that is sensitive to the spin of the photons in a laser shined on one of its electrodes, U Penn researchers have opened new possibilities in the developing fields of photonics and spintronics. Read More »

University of Wisconsin-Madison 07.27.15University Research

Cages Offer New Direction in Sustainable Catalyst DesignExternal link

University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have developed a new approach to structuring the catalysts used in essential reactions in the chemical and energy fields. Read More »

Rice University 07.27.15University Research

Rice Physicists Find Surprising ‘Liquid-Like’ Particle Interactions in Large Hadron ColliderExternal link

Discovery by the Rice researchers could lead to new insights into Quark-Gluon-Plasma, a state of matter that was last common in the universe a millionth of a second after the Big Bang. Read More »


Unlocking the Rice Immune SystemExternal link

Joint BioEnergy Institute study identifies protein that is key to protecting rice against bacterial blight. Read More »

University of Texas at Austin 07.24.15University Research

Smarter Window Materials Can Control Light and EnergyExternal link

Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin are one step closer to delivering smart windows with a new level of energy efficiency, engineering materials that allow windows to reveal light without transferring heat and, conversely, to block light while allowing heat transmission, as described in two new research papers. Read More »

07.24.15User Facility

Young Scientist Discovers Magnetic Material Unnecessary to Create Spin CurrentExternal link

Scientists at DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory are working on a surprising discovery that has important implications for the field of spintronics and the development of high-speed, low-power electronics that use electron spin rather than charge to carry information. Read More »

Lawrence award winners posed with Energy Secretary Moniz. 07.24.15ARTICLE

Ernest Orlando Lawrence AwardExternal link

The Office of Science salutes the winners of the E.O. Lawrence Awards. Read More »


Mounting A ChargeExternal link

Scientists at the University of Chicago and Oak Ridge National Lab, supported by DOE’s Early Career Research Awards, are attacking exascale computing challenges on two fronts: power and resilience. Read More »

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