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Rice University 09.11.15University Research

Science Provides New Way to Peer Into PoresExternal link

Rice University lab finds technique to characterize nanoscale spaces in porous materials. Read More »

New York University 09.11.15University Research

Physicists Catch a Magnetic Wave that Offers Promise for More Energy-Efficient ComputingExternal link

A team of physicists at New York University, Stanford University, and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have taken pictures of a theorized but previously undetected magnetic wave, the discovery of which offers the potential to be an energy-efficient means to transfer data in consumer electronics. Read More »


Celeste: A New Model for Cataloging the UniverseExternal link

A Berkeley Lab-based research collaboration of astrophysicists, statisticians and computer scientists is looking to shake things up with Celeste, a new statistical analysis model designed to enhance one of modern astronomy’s most time-tested tools: sky surveys. Read More »

Northwestern University 09.10.15University Research

Japanese Paper Art Inspires New 3-D Fabrication MethodExternal link

Northwestern University, University of Illinois and Tsinghua University research team has created complex 3-D micro- and nanostructures out of silicon and other materials found in advanced technologies using a new assembly method that uses cuts to advantage. Read More »

MIT University 09.10.15University Research

Fertilize the Ocean, Cool the Planet?External link

MIT researchers find unintended consequences of an idea to stimulate ocean phytoplankton growth in order to geoengineer a cooler atmosphere. Read More »


SLAC’s Ultrafast ‘Electron Camera’ Visualizes Ripples in 2-D MaterialExternal link

New research led by scientists from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University shows how individual atoms move in trillionths of a second to form wrinkles on a three-atom-thick material. Read More »

Theodore Betley (top right), a Harvard University scientist who is catalyzing transformations for chemicals and students.09.10.15ARTICLE

Catalysts on the Cusp of Coming Apart

First in a series of profiles on the recipients of DOE’s Office of Science early career awards: Theodore Betley, a Harvard University scientist who is catalyzing transformations for chemicals and students. Read More »

Rice University 09.09.15University Research

For 2-D Boron, It’s All About That BaseExternal link

Rice University scientists have theoretically determined that the properties of atom-thick sheets of boron depend on where those atoms land. Read More »

University of Nebraska-Lincoln 09.09.15University Research

New Study Points Way to 'Filming' Molecule-Light InteractionsExternal link

A new study from University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicists could inform the future production of 3-D movies starring light-driven molecular reactions that already play leading roles in photosynthesis, vision and many state-of-the-art technologies. Read More »

Princeton University 09.09.15University Research

Summer Interns Get Research Experience at PPPLExternal link

Twenty-five undergraduates from colleges across the country spent this summer at the laboratory as interns, working on projects ranging from figuring out how to remotely steer a set of mirrors that will be built into the upcoming ITER fusion machine to studying how nanoparticles grow inside plasmas. Read More »

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