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University California Riverside 11.04.14University Research

Dark Matter May Be MassiveExternal link

Case Western Reserve University theorists suggest the Standard Model may account for the stuff. Read MoreExternal linkage

University of Southern California 11.04.14University Research

String Field Theory Could be the Foundation of Quantum MechanicsExternal link

USC scientists uncover a connection that could be a huge boost to string theory. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.04.14From the Labs

Physicists Narrow Search for Solution to Proton Spin PuzzleExternal link

New Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) results reveal that gluons make a significant contribution to spin, an important intrinsic particle property; transient sea quarks also play a role. Read MoreExternal linkage

Wright State University 11.03.14University Research

Formula Developed by Wright State Scientists Could Shed Light on Global Climate ChangeExternal link

Wright State University researchers have discovered a formula that accurately predicts the rate at which soil develops from the surface to the underlying rock. Read MoreExternal linkage

11.03.14From the Labs

Mathematical Models Shed New Light on Cancer MutationsExternal link

A team of researchers from Harvard Medical School, using computing resources at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), have demonstrated a mathematical toolkit that can turn cancer-mutation data into multidimensional models to show how specific mutations alter the social networks of proteins in cells. Read MoreExternal linkage

Research scientist conducting the “wet chemisty” astatine-211 isolation procedure within a charcoal-filtered glovebox.11.01.14Science Highlight

Improving the Availability of the Therapeutic Radionuclide Astatine-211

Investigators at the University of Washington have developed methods that consistently provide high production and recovery yields of astatine-211. Read More »

Vasilii Petrenko of the University of Rochester processing ice cores on Taylor Glacier, Antarctica.11.01.14Science Highlight

Radiokrypton Dating Identifies Ancient Antarctic Ice

Researchers count the number of radioactive krypton-81 atoms remaining in ice using a laser trap. Read More »

10.31.14From the Labs

Global Model Comparison Project Finds Large Diversity of Organic Aerosol RepresentationsExternal link

More than 70 researchers from 46 international institutions compared the ability of 31 models to simulate comprehensive physical and chemical characteristics and lifecycle of carbon-containing atmospheric vapor and particles. Read MoreExternal linkage

10.31.14From the Labs

Iron-based Superconductor Simulations Spin Out New Possibilities on TitanExternal link

Rutgers team develops computational model for predicting superconductivity. Read MoreExternal linkage

University California Davis 10.31.14University Research

Science Casts Light on Persimmon Pairing and Plant HybridsExternal link

Scientists at the University of California, Davis, and Kyoto University in Japan have discovered how sex is determined in a species of persimmon, potentially opening up new possibilities in plant breeding Read MoreExternal linkage

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