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North Carolina State University 03.13.15University Research

Unique Proteins Found in Heat-Loving Organisms Bind Well to Plant MatterExternal link

Unique proteins newly discovered in heat-loving bacteria are more than capable of attaching themselves to plant cellulose, possibly paving the way for more efficient methods of converting plant matter into biofuels. Read More »

An artistic representation of atoms being layered onto surfaces using atomic layer deposition. 03.13.15Article

Atomic Layer Deposition: Precise Control Smaller Than the Eye Can SeeExternal link

Scientists at several of DOE’s Energy Frontier Research Centers are creating coatings for energy generation and storage by building materials one atomic layer at a time. Read More »

03.13.15From the Labs

Study Proposes New Way to Measure Superconducting FluctuationsExternal link

A study published last month by researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory provides theoretical evidence for a new effect that may lead to a way of measuring the exact temperature at which superconductivity kicks in and shed light on the poorly understood properties of superconducting materials above this temperature. Read More »

03.13.15From the Labs

Electricity Needs Water: A State-by-State AssessmentExternal link

To understand the increasing water requirements by U.S. electric power producers, researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory employed a computational model to estimate the state-by-state need through 2095. Read More »

03.12.15From the Labs

Researchers Get Warmer in Understanding High-Temperature SuperconductorsExternal link

First ab initio computational experiment of copper oxide performed at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility moves scientists closer to understanding mysterious properties of cuprate superconductors. Read More »

University California Berkeley 03.12.15University Research

New Material Captures Carbon at Half the Energy CostExternal link

UC Berkeley chemists have made a major leap forward in carbon-capture technology with a material that can efficiently remove carbon from the ambient air of a submarine as readily as from the polluted emissions of a coal-fired power plant. Read More »


The Proof is in the PoresExternal link

Researchers at several of DOE’s Energy Frontier Research Centers are studying metal-organic frameworks – porous materials with unique chemical and physical properties – to open new channels for energy science. Read More »

California Institute of Technology 03.11.15University Research

One Step Closer to Artificial Photosynthesis and "Solar Fuels"External link

Caltech scientists, inspired by a chemical process found in leaves, have developed an electrically conductive film that could help pave the way for devices capable of harnessing sunlight to split water into hydrogen fuel. Read More »

Rice University 03.11.15University Research

Carina Nebula Survey Reveals Details of Star FormationExternal link

A new Rice University-led survey of one of the most active star-forming regions in the galactic neighborhood is helping astronomers better understand the processes that may have contributed to the formation of the sun 4.5 billion years ago. Read More »

New PNNL Director Steven Ashby 03.11.15From the Labs

Dr. Steven Ashby Named Director of Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryExternal link

Ashby has served as PNNL's Deputy Director for Science and Technology since 2008 and was selected following a highly competitive national search. Read More »

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