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Brookhaven Lab Physicist Receives Technological Innovation Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersExternal link

Expert design of precision detectors for research in physics, medicine, and more.

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New supercomputer coming to EMSL this summer, supplied by Atipa TechnologiesExternal link

Lab expects PNNL-based supercomputer to rank in world's top 20 fastest machines.

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A group of students and teachers holding a banner.01.24.13Article

A Competition Like No Other has Begun

The first National Science Bowl regionals have been decided. See the winners, and return for future updates here: Read More »


Synchrotron Infrared Unveils a Mysterious Microbial CommunityExternal link

Berkeley Lab scientists join an international collaboration to understand how archaea and bacteria work together deep in a cold sulfur spring. Read More »


Science Bowl at Brookhaven Lab, January 26External link

UPTON, NY — On Saturday, January 26, 100 students representing 20 high schools from Long Island will participate in a Regional Science Bowl competition at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory. Read More »


National Science Bowl Georgia Regional at Newnan High SaturdayExternal link

More than 20 middle school teams are expected to converge on Newnan High School Saturday for the National Science Bowl Georgia Regional Competition. Read More »

A group of students gathered around a table.01.16.13Article

The Battle of Wits Begins

Thousands of students are set to compete in the National Science Bowl. Read More »

An image of a schematic diagram.01.14.13Stories of Discovery & Innovation

Follow the Atoms

Innovative computational approach accurately maps biochemical reactions at the atomic level. Read More »

An photo of a laboratory building. 01.11.13FROM THE LABS

Ever Wanted a Look Inside a Lab?External link

Take a virtual tour of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, including its photoelectron spectrometer, its STORM microscope and even its solar array.
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An image of a supernova next to a galaxy. 01.09.13FROM THE LABS

The Farthest Supernova Yet for Measuring Cosmic HistoryExternal link

Berkeley Lab-based Supernova Cosmology Project uses Hubble Space Telescope data to discover the most distant well-measured Type Ia supernova ever found.
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