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04.10.15From the Labs

Mixing Up a Batch of Stronger MetalsExternal link

A team of researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee Knoxville has found that a class of high entropy alloys – which contain five or more metals – retain enhanced mechanical properties even when the mixing of metals is uneven or disordered, which opens up new possibilities for future alloy design. Read More »

Michigan University 04.10.15University Research

University of Michigan Scientists to Help Build Next-Generation Dark Energy ProbeExternal link

U-M scientists and students will build components of a giant camera that will map 30 million galaxies’ worth of the universe in three dimensions. Read More »

04.10.15From the Labs

Erupting Electrodes: How Recharging Leaves Behind Microscopic Debris Inside BatteriesExternal link

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the Joint Center for Energy Research have gained new insight into the chemistry that clogs rechargeable lithium batteries. Read More »

Carnegie Mellon University 04.10.15University Research

Carnegie Mellon University Chemists Create Tiny Gold Nanoparticles That Reflect Nature’s PatternsExternal link

New research from Carnegie Mellon chemists has revealed that tiny, synthetic gold nanoparticles exhibit some of nature’s most intricate patterns. Read More »

04.10.15From the Labs

For Ultra-Cold Neutrino Experiment, a Successful DemonstrationExternal link

An international team of scientists has released early results from the Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events (CUORE) experiment, with implications for why there’s more matter than antimatter in the universe. Read More »

MIT University 04.09.15University Research

Tunneling Across a Tiny GapExternal link

Study at MIT finds “phonon tunneling” explains heat flow across nanometer-wide gaps. Read More »

University California Riverside 04.09.15University Research

Physicists Celebrate Second Act of Large Hadron ColliderExternal link

Several UC Riverside physicists are involved in research using one of the four particle detectors at the collider. Read More »

Northern Illinois University 04.09.15University Research

NIU Physicists Excited About Restart of Large Hadron ColliderExternal link

Scientists from the Northern Illinois University physics department are preparing to join thousands of their international colleagues to study the highest-energy particle collisions ever achieved in the laboratory. Read More »

04.09.15From the Labs

U.S. Department of Energy Awards $200 Million for Next-generation Supercomputer at its Argonne National LaboratoryExternal link

Under Secretary for Science and Energy Orr announces next steps in pursuit of exascale supercomputing to accelerate major scientific discoveries and engineering breakthroughs. Read More »

04.09.15From the Labs

First NSLS-II X-Ray Images Hint at Science to ComeExternal link

In another “first” at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) at Brookhaven National Laboratory, a group working at the Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe has taken the facility's inaugural x-ray images. Read More »

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