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12.14.15From the Labs

The Artificial Materials That Came in From the ColdExternal link

Berkeley Lab researchers have developed a freeze-casting technique that enables them to design and create strong, tough and lightweight materials comparable to bones, teeth, shells and wood. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.14.15User Facility

Weyl Fermions Discovered After 85 YearsExternal link

An international team led by Princeton University scientists has discovered an elusive massless particle first theorized 85 years ago: the Weyl fermion. Read MoreExternal linkage

University of Iowa 12.14.15University Research

Universe's Birth Just a Detection AwayExternal link

A high-energy physics group at the University of Iowa is trying to learn about the hot plasma created immediately after the universe's creation, using a heavy-ion particle detector designed and built at the UI. Read MoreExternal linkage

Washington State University 12.14.15University Research

New Catalyst Paves Way for Bio-Based Plastics and ChemicalsExternal link

Washington State University researchers have developed a catalyst that easily converts bio-based ethanol to a widely used industrial chemical, paving the way for more environmentally friendly, bio-based plastics and products. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.14.15User Facility

Data to Solve Mysteries in the CloudsExternal link

Four years after field research at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility’s Southern Great Plains site in central Oklahoma ended, data is yielding the secrets of storms. Read MoreExternal linkage

Dr. Cherry Murray Confirmed as Director of the Office of Science. 12.11.15Press Release

Dr. Cherry Murray Confirmed as Director of the Office of ScienceExternal link

As Director of the Office of Science, Dr. Murray will oversee research in the areas of advanced scientific computing, basic energy sciences, biological and environmental sciences, fusion energy sciences, high energy physics, and nuclear physics. Read MoreExternal linkage

12.11.15From the Labs

The Catalyst's ChoiceExternal link

Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory discovered that on large palladium particles, the abundance of active hydrogen atoms promotes the formation of methane from carbon dioxide, but on the smaller particles, less hydrogen is available and the reaction produces carbon monoxide. Read MoreExternal linkage

Michigan University 12.11.15University Research

Heat Radiates 10,000 Times Faster at the NanoscaleExternal link

In a unique ultra-low vibration lab at the University of Michigan, engineers have measured how heat radiates from one surface to another in a vacuum at distances down to 2 nanometers. Read MoreExternal linkage

Louisiana State University 12.11.15University Research

Louisiana Company Licenses LSU Physicists’ Industry-Changing DiscoveryExternal link

LSU Physics Professor Shane Stadler and colleagues discovered a breakthrough material that may change the heating and cooling industry. Read MoreExternal linkage

Vanderbilt University 12.11.15University Research

Anatomy of a Microscopic Wood Chipper: New Observations Reveal How an Individual Cellulase Enzyme OperatesExternal link

A team of scientists at Vanderbilt University, the National University of Singapore, Rutgers, and The State University of New Jersey are studying enzymes to efficiently transform ethanol made from cellulose into a major new renewable fuel source. Read MoreExternal linkage

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