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A line of windmills in the sunset 12.27.10From the Labs

Outsmarting the WindExternal link

Using existing technology in a new way could help the Office of Science’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory scientists predict when and how much the wind will blow to maximize the efficiency of wind turbines.
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12.15.10DOE Blog

Strengthening Today's Science Talent to Become Tomorrow's Science Leaders

A hidden strength of science is its diversity. That strength was visible yesterday as the Energy Department celebrated its 13 winners of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).
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11.30.10Press Release

Could 135,000 Laptops Help Solve the Energy Challenge?

Department of Energy supercomputers to pursue breakthroughs in biofuels, nuclear power, medicine, climate change and fundamental research.
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Illustration of overlapping circles 11.24.10Article

Scientist Finds Nature and Geometry Dancing to the Same Tune

When Salvator Torquato looks to a system of particles in its calmest natural state, he realizes they model the solution to two major mathematical problems.
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Wild turkies 11.24.10DOE Blog

Saluting a Great American Scientist-Founder This Thanksgiving

This week, we can be especially thankful for an electrifying scientist...who tried to seal our nation with a turkey.
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Science Medalist Washington Pioneered Parallel Climate Models

On November 17th, scientist Warren Washington accepted the National Medal of Science from President Obama. For decades, Washington and his colleagues have merged climate science with DOE high-performance computers to help change how the world understands climate and how climate scientists use computers.
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Warren Washington 11.22.10ASCR Article

Science medalist Washington pioneered parallel climate models

When Washington accepts the National Medal of Science from President Obama today, it will highlight a remarkable three-decade relationship.
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Satellite in space with the moon in the background11.17.10Article

Energy from the Center of the Milky Way May Be the Remnant of Dark Matter

Dark matter particles continue to hide, but they release energy when they collide: evidence shows that gamma rays from the center of our galaxy may come from dark matter collisions.
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11.10.10From the Labs

PNNL's Richard Smith named 2010 Scientist of the YearExternal link

Biochemist Dick Smith of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory named 2010 Scientist of the Year by R&D Magazine, the first DOE scientist to be so honored.
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Scientist Richard Smith 11.10.10From the Labs

PNNL's Richard Smith named 2010 Scientist of the YearExternal link

R&D Magazine honors biochemist for significant contributions in proteomics.
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